Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Because Magic Gourds Have Feelings Too...

The Magic Gourd
Not a Review.
It's a Chinese movie.
Life action, with some animation.
Remember Roger Rabbit?
Well, something like that lah.
Only less funny.
And in Chinese.
And with just one animated character.
Ok two. There's a frog too (don't ask).
And who's bright idea was it to dub it in Cantonese?
Damn bloody annoying ok?
I wanna watch it in Mandarin!
Ok maybe not, since I oledi watched it.

It's ok lah.
You know all those cheesy Disney family movies they always make?
Where there is always a moral lesson at the end?
It's like that lar.
Only set in China.
The gourd is damn cute though.
The voice for it also ok,
The Cantonese dubbing suited it more than the actual actors.
Gigi Leung damn cute in glasses.
Me likey.
The kid a bit annoying though.
Wanted to slap him at times.

Pity the Gourd only sometimes.
Who knew gourds could have feelings huh?
Never knew you could feel for a gourd.
I mean, it's a GOURD for pete's sake.
So-so watch. Typical Disney movie.
only set in China.
And in Cantonese.
Like got identity crisis only.
Ok no time.
Off to watch The Seeker.
(I refuse to call it 'The Dark is Rising')
Another Movie-Not-Review when I get out!

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