Monday, 8 October 2007

Optimus Prime and Iron Man Battle Aliens and Predators on a Psychedelic Desktop

Okok, Simon tagged me with a meme - the Desktop one that has been going around lately.

Now, normally I damn malas wanna do memes wan (sorry Juleow!), but I decided to do this one for a reason.

You see, not so long ago, Icyqueengoddess was asking me why I have THIS picture:

on my desktop instead of something more er... meaningful.

Now, this issue has a very simple explanation: I'm a GUY. And GUYS usually prefer having COOL stuff on their desktop (or scantily-clad babes, if you don't bring your PC to the office, that is). So no mushy mushy stuff lor... after all the guys in my office tease me... :-(

Ahem. Anywayyyy... for me, it don't get cooler than good 'ol Optimus Prime:

Or Iron Man:

There HAVE been some exceptions though.

One day, I went into an insanity streak caused by too many remixed versions of MIA's Boyz and Paper Planes, and created my own mind-warping, kaleidoscopic desktop wallpaper made up of album covers with psychedelic colours:

Gave me a headache for days, and I couldn't find my icons among that mess of colours. Won't be using THAT wallpaper again...

Speaking of icons, if you take a look closely at my desktop, you'll see very few of them. That's because I only ever use my PC for several things:

  • Surfing the Internet (Firefox)
  • Downloading Heroes and House MD episodes (uTorrent)
  • Work (MS Word)
  • Reloading my iPod (iTunes)

Hence the lack of icons.

Now, besides these few staple applications, I also have one other shortcut on my desktop that is fairly important.... the one that leads me to my BALDURS GATE 2 game!

Yes yes, in terms of PC gaming, I'm still very far behind. So I like BG2 and can't get enough of it. So sue me.

Now, go away. I wanna go back to blowing enemies to bits with my LEVEL 40 MAGE's SPELLS MUAHAHAHA!

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