Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Pixar Turns Wall.E Into a Transformer

Pixar has yet to disappoint me so far, even with what people have been saying were their weaker films - Cars and Ratatouille. But I loved those two movies, and can't stop watching them. Cars especially. VROOM VROOM!

Anyway, if you watched Ratatouille in the cinema lately, you'd probably have seen that the next Pixar movie is gonna be WAll.E, about a little robot named, well, WALL.E.

Well, there's another little teaser trailer out online that gives us a better glimpse of what Wall.E is like, and I tell you, it may be short, but it's the cutest little trailer I've seen so far this year.

First up, a short synopsis (I CNP'd the words from the trailer and put them on one pix):

And now, presenting... WALL.E!!!

Aww look, isn't he adorable?

Yes, he may look like Johnny Number 5, but from this little trailer, this looks to be a WAAAAY better movie than Short Circuit and it's sequels COMBINED.

Afer all, Wall.E was conceived at around the same time as finding Nemo, Monsters Inc. and A Bugs Life, all classic Pixar flicks. So the story should be good, at least, for them to keep it around for so long.

And besides, look at Wall.E's big dopey eyes!

So much more expression than Johnny #5, right?

But then, it's PIXAR, and if they can make a rusty ol' pickup truck and a RAT look cute, a robot should be easy-peasy for them...

And if you think looking cute isn't enough to entice you to watch this, check this out... Wall.E is also a TRANSFORMER!

Transforms into an 'R' and back! Somebody give this robot an Autobot insignia already!

So yeah, Wall.E is now on top of my list of most anticipated films of 2008! Go watch the teaser trailer now by clicking the picture below!

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