Friday, 26 October 2007

Singapore, Singapore, From You I Must Flee

Singapore, Singapore, how do I love thee?
To tell the truth, not that much really.
I like to make fun of your fines and your HDBs,
And that tomato sauce in your wantan mee.
I like your FHM because the chicks wear bikinis.
But sometimes they tend to be rather fugly.
Every time I come here I spend so much money,
Eat one burger also cost me RM twenty.
I love your Borders, Kinokuniya and HMVs,
Oh, and your toyshops and those convenient MRTs.
But woe is me who is tempted so easily,
Especially when I see a rare deluxe Bumblebee,
When I see the price I always very happy,
But when convert back to ringgit I sakit hati.
So Singapore, tomorrow from you I must flee,
If I stayed longer I'd be broke as can be.

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