Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Stardust, Starlust... Watch This Movie You Must.

Not a review.
Starlight, starbright,
First star I see tonight.
Stardust, starlust,
Watch this movie you must.
Sure, it ain't EXACTLY like the book,
But what it leaves, it does well.
And what it omits, is not felt at all.
And what it adds, makes it more fun.
Heck, it's one of my favorite movies this year.
And I think I like it more than Transformers.

If all stars looked like Claire Danes,
Then I wish they'd fall on us more.
Because we'd be doing a lot more than wishing upon them
And Michelle Pffeifer is scary.
Quite hot too.
But only when her character is young.
When she's old, it's very scary.
That Charlie Cox dude is not bad either.
Just like the book - blur, but endearing.
And that Septimus dude.
I liked the ghosts too.
And that dude from The Office who is not Steve Carrel.
And there's Bobby De Niro.
Who rocks.
And dances.
And pirouettes.
Don't ask.
He has a reputation to maintain.

Stardust is a fantasy.
But it's not LOTR.
It's not Harry Potter.
And it sure as hell ain't The Stinker.
It's a fairy tale.
As sweet and fairy-tale like as can be.
And heck, it's NEIL GAIMAN.
That alone should be enough to convince you.
Because Neil Gaiman rocks.
Thank god he didn't take the Alan Moore route,
And just let bloody stupid directors ruin his stories.
Oh, and go read the book too.
Don't worry, it won't spoil the movie for you.
Or vice versa.
I watched this with two die-hard Gaiman fans,
And they both approved.
As do I.

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