Monday, 29 October 2007

To Singapore and Back With Transformers DVD Goodness

Woohoo! Look what I got in Singapore!

The Transformers movie 2-disc special edition DVD, babeh!

Now I can watch those nifty transformations over and over again, and skip all those annoying Sector Seven scenes! Woohoo!

Oooh, but this is not the best thing I got. I also got the best early Xmas present evar from a certain lovable but cold and royal deity...

Behold.... a shoe box.

Ok, a shoe box with an Autobot logo on it. Now, it's not that Nike shoe Prime.

Open the shoe box, and you get this coooool metal box:

Now, open the metal box, and you get all sorts of cool Transformers goodies:

Yup, inside the box, there is a free keychain, a 2008 calender, a TF movie postcard, and also a very cool, black envelope with the words 'Freedom is the Right of All Sentient Beings' embossed on it.

Open that up, and you get a whole bunch of postcards with artwork from the now defunct Dreamwave's comicbooks!

But wait. That's not the best part. The best part, is of course the DVDs themselves, which come in this blue box.

Open it up, and you'll get this cool booklet like thing:

that contains with FOURTEEN (yes, count 'em, FOURTEEN!) DVDs, containing EVERY SINGLE Generation One Transformers episode ever made - spanning the pilot episode "More Than Meets The Eye" to "The Return of Optimus Prime" AND INCLUDING the 1986 animated movie as well!


Check out the episode list!

Not just that, the 'booklet' itself is crammed full of Transformers goodness. Each page features a cover from Dreamwave's Transformers comics, which means Pat Lee and gang's artwork grace the pages of the booklet as well.

AND there is also synopsis on the Transformers history and biodata of individual Transformers as well!

Sure, it's all in Chinese (it's made for the China market, I think), but heck who cares? I already know the history and biodata anyway. I just think it's cool that they could come up with an almost perfect package of Transformers goodness like this.

Now excuse me, I'm off to relive my childhood!!! WHEEE!

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