Friday, 30 November 2007

Indiana Jone's Sidekick Ditches Camaro For Ford Mustang Named K.I.T.T.

Another day, another round of upcoming movie news. Yes, I"m too tired and busy to make up stuff to blog about.

Anyway, you may or may not know that there will be a new Knight Rider series coming out (WHAT? You never heard of Knight Rider????? Where were you in the 80's? Oh, not born yet? Oh well...)

Well, behold the new K.I.T.T.:

Yup, it's now a FORD MUSTANG. Or to be exact, a 550HP Ford Shelby GT500KR Mustang!

And the new lead character is gonna be the SON of Michael Knight. Rumours that he will take regular shirtless jogs along beaches while holding a read thingamajig were unfounded.

Oh, and since we're on the subject of returning characters, here's another picture of Heath Ledger as the insane JOKER, courtesy of

Jack Nicholson he ain't. I have to admit that I'm getting more intrigued by this version of the Joker with each picture, actually...

And also from, look who's back in the fedora!

The picture on the right makes him look kinda old, actually. But no worries, he's got a new sidekick - Samuel James Witwicky is following in his great-grandfather's adventuring footsteps! Eh, where's his yellow car?

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Why Eyeris Will Probably Never Be a 'Proper' Professional Film Critic

  • I'm too easily entertained by stupid jokes
  • I usually like a movie because it's fun to watch, not because it had superb cinematography.
  • I give good grades to movies that I like because they were entertaining rather than relevant or had superior technique.
  • I give movies low grades because they bored me, even though every other critic thought it was the most relevant movie of our generation.
  • I don't have the patience to sit through long lingering shots of quivering lips and people doing menial housework.
  • I'm more interested in pop-culture than art.
  • I would watch a movie just because the poster was cool.
  • I'm too much of a biased fanboy sometimes (and who said this was a bad thing?)
  • I'm not deep enough to see important social-political messages and statements in movies like Lord of the Rings.
  • Heck, I wouldn't know a politcal subtext if it came up to me and slapped me on the face.
  • I never understand artistic movies with hidden meanings.
  • I'm always too busy oohing and ahhing at the special effects and giant robots to worry about why the story is so crap
  • I don't mind the lack of story sometimes as long as the action sequences are cool.
  • I always have too much fun watching mindless garbage like Shoot 'Em Up and Bee Movie.
  • I too much of a sucker for pre-release hype.
  • I rather watch cartoons about cars than movies about pretty washing machines.
  • I enjoy movies more when there is a hot chick in them
  • I would gladly suffer a bad movie as long as they made cool action figures out of the characters.
  • I don't understand Hungarian.
  • I'm too shallow to comprehend movies that have stupendously deep and complex plots that requires the burning of millions of little grey cells to understand and are filmed in gloriously artistic techniques to create a complex work of art that only film critics will understand.
  • I like movies that ENTERTAIN ME instead, no matter what that means.

To Read The Night Fantastic

Just finished Sergei Lukyanenko's The Night Watch last night before going to sleep, and I have to say it's a pretty good read. Now I'm gonna get the other two books in the series (so far, there's one last one coming out next year I think):

I don't quite like this set of covers though, I prefer the other version without the tacky pictures of vampires on the cover.

I also HATE that bloody stupid Daily Telegraph blurb that seems to be plastered on every single cover I see, proclaiming that the books ae "J.K. Rowling, Russian Style!". Bah, Ptui!

The Night Watch is anytime better and more original than bloody Harry Potter, ok? It's not meant for kids, that's for sure, and the way he describes the Twilight and all the mechanisms that govern the Light and the Dark is anytime more original than anything J.K. "DUMBLEDORE IS GAY!" Rowling-In-It ever wrote (with probably the exception of the ending in Prisoner of Azkaban).

Now I'm VERY intrigued by the two movie adaptations for Night Watch and Day Watch, which ironically enough, are said to be 'The Matrix, Russian-styled'. Well, as long as they didn't turn Boris Ignatyevich into some Morpheus wannabe, I'm cool with that.

And also, I'm gonna hunt for this set of posters as well:

I've already got the Day Watch one, now all I need is the Night Watch poster to make this one of the coolest set of posters I'll have in my collection.... hehehe.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

The Quest For The Perfect Eyeris-Friendly Bookstore

(Have I written about this before? Because if I have, then do bear with me, because I'm a little peeved at a recent bookstore experience that really got my goat. hehe)

GODDAMMIT I HAVE blogged about it before HERE. WTF, I can't even remember my own posts these days....

Oh well, consider this an er.. update of an old post lah. heheheh.


One of the reasons I prefer going to Kinokuniya so much more than the other bookstores in KL is because it is pretty much the closest I can get to my ideal bookstore, meaning it doesn't piss me off as much as the some of the others.

Here are some of my pet peeves about bookstores:

  • Fantasy is fantasy. Science Fiction is Science Fiction. They are DIFFERENT GENRES, and should have SEPARATE SHELVES. I hate it when I go to that section, and the fantasy and SF books are all lumped together on the same shelves. It means I have to take more time searching for the authors I want.

  • Oh, and while we're at it, please give the Forgotten Realms / Dragonlance / Star Wars / Star Trek books a sepArate shelf so they don't clog up precious fantasy/SF space.

  • Dedicating one entire shelf to Dan Brown books just because they sell more.

  • Store staff who are completely clueless about the books and authors the store carries.

  • Manga is manga. Graphic novels are graphic novels. I prefer my Alan Moores to be on a different shelf altogether, not stuck in between Ah! My Goddess and Bleach.

  • If you're gonna wrap up the books so that people won't vandalise them, at least leave ONE copy of the book unwrapped so that people can go through it and see if it's really worth buying.

  • Stop putting the bloody price tags on the synopsis - I hate it when the bookstores stick their price tags on the synopsis of the book so you can't read what it's about.

  • And while we're on price tags, PLEASE don't paste them ON the front covers of the books, especially on paperback, because sometimes they TEAR THE COVER when you try to prise off the price tag. Paste them on the back, or just use price tags that are easy to peel off without having to use a wood chipper.

  • PLEASE don't have silly non-book sections like CD sections, Worlds of Feng Shui etc etc.

  • And please, for the love of god, if you're going to play music, play something soothing like some unrecognisable classical music. It's very annoying listening to Michael Learns To Rock pretending to be Jacky Cheung while you're trying to read..

Will add more when I think of more. I need to get back to my poker story now...

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

When The Hitman Shits The Fan

Not a Review
Based on a video game lar.
Don't expect too much.
Shoot shoot kill kill,
Kill kill shoot shoot,
Shoot kill shoot kill,
Kill shoot kill shoot.
Nothing much in between.
But that Timothy Oliphaunt, sorry, Olyphant guy,
Quite cool also actually.
Better than in Die Hard 4.0
Very convincing as the cold, hard killer.
Look into his eyes,
And you'll KNOW he will kill you without blinking an eye.
Quite kickass too.
If he were half this bad ass in Die Hard,
He'd have destroyed the world long before John McClane got on the scene.
Chick also quite hot,
Not pretty, but hot.
Especially when she takes it all off hur hur
But then it's all censored anyway.

Action scenes not bad also.
That's about all that's good about the movie.
What's bad? Oh, lots.
Damn bloody lousy acting, especially the Russians.
If you're gonna let them speak Russian,
And that military old dude at the end is silly,
Reminded me of a tacky version of Grand Moff Tarkin.
The Interpol guy also damn annoying,
Reminded me of Mr Bean for some reason.
Or rather, Johnny English, to be exact.
Enough of all these shoot-shoot-Kill-Kill games
Bring on Frogger: The Movie (Roadkill Mania!)
Or Tetris: The Movie (The Attack of the Killer Bricks!)

Monday, 26 November 2007

A Tiny Empire of Ivory Goodness

I was in Kino just now, looking through the fantasy section again, when this book caught my eye... from ALL the way at the BOTTOM of the M/N shelf...

Woo! the fourth book of the Temaraire series is out!! But wait, why is it in that cover, and in such a small paperback?

FYI, this is the cover I really want:

Unfortunately, this particular cover is only available in hardcover (and is not even in stock yet), and the paperback version I need to complete my set of covers is only gonna be released next year...

Sigh... at least the one I bought only cost me slighlty more than twenty bucks, thanks to Kino's 20% discount tags.

The question now is.... now that I've already got the book, and will probably finish it in no time at all... do I buy the book again next year when the cover I REALLY want comes out?

Sigh, decisions decisions...

The Macau Mess-capade: Garish Casinos and Fabulous Ruins

After a LONG 12-hour trip home which involved countless hours of waiting in between a one hour boat ride and a three hour flight, I'm finally home (seriously, I'd rather spend 13 hours in a plane to London than spend so much time waiting around changing modes transportation jsut to get somewhere).

But since I'm too damn tired to blog too much about the trip (plus there isn't really that much to blog about Macau anyway), I shall keep my Macau Mess-capade post to just this one.

Anyway, one of the most striking features of Macau is the Macau Tower. Unfortunately, I have no idea how I could NOT have a single picture of the Macau Tower at all (despite hanging out at the Toys R Us there) so I shall leave it to your imaginaiton. Imagine the the KL Tower, but shorter.

Another rather imposing and stirking landmark of Macau is the garish Grand Lisboa building.

It's supposed to resemble a bat (considered lucky, apparently) but it just looks extremely hideous to me. And apparently those Portuguese who colonised Macau way long time ago already had visions of this hideous structure dominating their skyline, and lined up their cannons well ahead of time:

That's on top of a hill which has the Macau Museum, BTW. to get there, you have to go to the Centro district, which I think is a World Heritage site, and has this fabulous structure as its crowning glory:

That's the ruins of the Church of St Paul. Why ruins? Because basically, that wall you're looking at is most of what's left of the original church.

Here's a closer look at the wall:

Quite pretty, actually.

Unfortunately, on account of me not having enough time to go around a lot, and also being stuk on Taipa Island a long way away from the main Macau city, I didn't have time to look around or see more. Maybe next time.

Now, scuse me, I need to go back to recuperating...

Friday, 23 November 2007

The Macau Mess-capade: High-Rollers and Spa-Sleepers

My impression of Macau so far is exactly what I expected: full of bright neon lights and super-huge casino resorts, bombastic architecture, and er... Chinese people.

The first two nights have been a little chaotic, what with accomodation muck-ups meaning that instead of a proper hotel, I had to spend the first night in a damn spa center full of pudgy old Chinese businessmen walking around naked.

It's even more frightening than it sounds, really.

Also haven't had time to go anywhere either. Oh well. Will post more pictures once I actually get out of this god-forsaken place and go sightseeing...

Thursday, 22 November 2007

KLIA Elevators Still Fascinate Me

Ah yes... KLIA. It's been a while.

In a couple of hours itme I'll be flying off to this here country:

(Map taken from Lonely Planet)

Where I'll be among the high-rollers, living the life of poker high stakes and risk-taking without having to pay a single sen. Life ain't fair, innit?

I think I'll rent a bicycle and cycle around the place.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

A Trailer, A Monster, and A Decapitated Statue of Liberty

PS: You can check out the Cloverfield trailers by clicking on the last picture with the movie title, or HERE.

PSS: And no, it doesn't make sense to me either, and I can't even get a proper look at the bloody monster. And it seems no one knows what the damn movie is about either, not even the distributors. All we know that the movie is released in 1-18-08 in the US, but is only coming to Malaysia in FEBRUARY. Which means to avoid spoilers, I'm gonna be completely boycotting the movie sites from 1-18-08 onwards until I see the movie here in KL....

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

The Late-Night Library-Rearranging Project

In a fit of productive madness, I decided to rearrange my library of books at around 9pm last night, and ended up doing it until almost 3am. And I'm not even halfway done yet...

It all started out with me trying to look for that copy of A History of Violence that I knew I had, but could not recall where I'd chucked it. So I decided to go through the unsorted piles of books in the library... and ended up turning it into a semi-sorted pile of books instead, complete with the moving of an extra bookcase from downstairs to the area.

Turned out to be quite fun, actually. I realised that there is nothing I like better than being alone with a whole lot of books (ok that sounds a little strange).

And no, it's not a regular habit of mine, this 'doing housework in the middle of the night' thing.

Anyway, I made a few interesting discoveries last night, such as:

- I have around twenty Marion Zimmer Bradley Darkover books (All with Payless Books price tags), but have not read a single one of them.

- I also have an strangely large number of books by female fantasy authors like JV Jones, Anne McCaffrey, Patricia A. McKillip, Katherine Kurtz, Angus Wells, Melanie Rawn etc; most of which I which I bought on whims during my Payless Books excursions in the past. Payless must have been thanking me for relieving them of all those books.

- I have the entire set of Dune books (those written by Frank Herbert, that is), and have only read the first one.

- I also have the entire set of Stephen R. Donaldson's Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever books (yes, ALL THREE SERIES of em), and have never got past the first quarter of Lord Foul's Bane.

- My Lone Wolf collection is still intact, and complete until book twelve (in my opinion, the only books that matter in the whole franchise). I wish I could say the same about my GrailQuest ones though.

- I have so many Discworld books that I was not even aware that I'd not read two of them - Eric and The Truth. And a few other non-Discworld ones. (Must. Read. Them. And confirm my Pratchett-Reading Superiority).

- I have practically every single Salman Rushdie book, except for the one that brought my attention to him in the first place - The Satanic Verses. (Makes me rue missing out on the first print edition of the book that I saw for sale the other day for only RM30... sigh...)

- There are books by Jackie Collins and Harold Robbins in the pile. Ok, who put them in there?

- I found the book I borrowed some twenty years ago from the little library in Temerloh, and (thought I'd) lost. Wonder how much the fines are if I bring it back now...

- I need more bookshelves.

Monday, 19 November 2007

A Real Nude Angelina Is Better than a Fake Naked Jolie

I saw this poll on last week: What do you think of performance-capture movies such as The Polar Express and Monster House?

I chose the last option, something which was to the effect of saying IT SUCKS BIG TIME.

Now don't get me wrong, I thought Monster House was pretty cool, and Polar Express was an interesting experience. Even Beowulf was interesting, actually. As movies, they were entertaining enough. But let's say they were live-action movies instead of the 'performance-capture animations' that they were... would you have gone to watch it? Polar Express would have been just another effects-laden Xmas movie, while Monster House would have had to resort to Transformer-like CGI to bring out the horror in that house.

Oh sure, it's a good idea. In the quest for perfection, what better way to capture human movement and emotions through animation than having the actors themselves act out the movements and recording the movement, and then colouring over them? It's the natural progression, the evolution of animation, some might say.

For me, I just get creep out by that kind somewhat photo-realistic 'animation' just creeps me out. Not only do the characters look eeriely fake and even ghostly, they even move funnily, like mannequins come to life.

Frankly, if not for the novelty of the whole concept, there was really nothing very remarkable about the Polar Express or Monster House, really. Heck, stylised animated humans like The Incredibles seemed more... human than the photo-realistic ones in those two movies.

And like the review on Beowulf in The Star on Saturday states (one of the first times I've agreed with this particular reviewer): "Why pay top dollar for good actors, only to nullify their performances by digitising them using a complicated and probably expensive method?"

The technique worked damn well for characters like Gollum and King Kong, because motion capture was used to make NON-HUMANS seem more lifelike. But when you're trying to make REAL humans more er.. human-like using the technique, you start wondering... what, the actors don't seem real enough in person ar???

Sorry Zemeckis, YOU may think that performance-capture movies are the future, but I think I'd rather stay in the past. Give me proper animation, computer-generated or otherwise, over your performance-capture shit anytime, dude. Besides, I'd rather watch a REAL naked Angelina Jolie than a naked but crappily-animated version of her...

Friday, 16 November 2007

Let It Be Strawberry Fields Forever All Across The Universe

Across The Universe.
Not a Review.
Please please me,
Try and watch this movie
It's the Beatles, goddammit,
More people should hear their music.
From Liverpool all the way to New York,
It shows how much their music rocked.
Even after all these years,
The songs are still sweetness to my ears.
By themselves they tell a strange little stories
Put them together you get this strange little movie
It may be more than two hours long,
But it will constantly get you singing along.

Hey Jude,
Why you look like James Blunt?
Sitting on the beach singing to no one?
Lucy, you're in the sky with diamonds,
Something in the way you move,
Makes me wonder why you want a revolution,
Jude just wants strawberry fields forever,
But you let his paintbrush gently weep.
Poor Maxwell, no silver hammer,
Just a warm gun and some happy jungle warfare.
Sexy Sadie, you look like Janis Joplin,
Shacking up to Jimi Hendrix,
Who didn't actually burn that guitar.

Bono is the Walrus,
The Dr Robert who goes Goo Goo G'Joob!
Salma Hayek in a Sexy Nurse Uniform!
And Being For The Benefit of Mr Izzard,
Mr Kite dances with trippy Blue People!
Kids swimming in psychedelic coloured waters,
Sergeant Pepper would be proud,
To go on this magical mystery tour.
It sometimes makes you think you're on an acid trip,
It's got the kitchen sink and all,
All that's missing is a yellow submarine.

It's not perfect,
And it's a bit too weird to have them singing all the time.
So if you don't like musicals,
You might want to run helter-skelter from this.
It takes you to the bottom and then back to the top of the ride,
It makes you break down and cry,
And there's nothing done here that hasn't been done,
But just let it be, let it be.
Sure, nothing's gonna change your world,
But the songs whisper words of wisdom and love,
And they'll have you singing along,
And humming them all day long.
Besides, all you need is love,
And the Beatles.
And that is all you need.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Tom Holt Was Illuminated (And Cheap) At The Penguin Books Warehouse Sale

The Penguin Books Warehouse Sale is EEEEVILLLLL I tell you. Why? Well, I only spent a total of one and a half hours there at the media preview day today, and already it compelled and hypnotised me into buying this tack of books:

What was the damage? Don't even ask. Let's just say I'm really, really afraid of going there again, in case I buy even MORE books. Yes, especially since I had twice the number of books shown here in my box while at the sale, and eventually had to let them go because I didn't have enough cash...

Besides what I bought, here are some more gems found when I went there (which will probably be gone by tomorrow):

  • Stardust & Anansi Boys (Neil Gaiman) = RM10
  • The Comical Tragedy or Tragical Comedy of Mr. Punch (Neil Gaiman & Dave McKeane): RM23
  • Entire set of Wheel of Time books = RM12
  • Entire set of Alexander McCall Smith books = RM10-12 each
  • Assorted Terry Brooks Shannara books = RM10-12
  • Wonder Woman, Hulk, Superman visual Guides = RM30+
  • Calvin & Hobbes, Dilbert anthologies
And a whole lot more. I haven't even gone through the ENTIRE sale yet...

So what ya waiting for? Go get the books before they get turned to pulp like last time!!!

Oh, and don't bother looking out for the skinny guy trawling the bins for fantasy books. I doubt I'll be going again. Must... resist.... GAH!

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Beowulf and The Fake Naked Angelina Jolie

Not a review.
Not a live-action movie.
Not a cartoon either.
It's one of those motion-capture, digitised,
Or rather, 'Performance-Capture' thingies,
That Robert Zemeckis likes to do these days.
Like Polar Express and Monster House.
Only this is more gruesome,
More violent,
More nudity,
More blood,
More everything than Polar Express and Monster House,
And more real also.

But being more real doesn't mean it's all real.
Somehow it reminded me too much of a video game,
It was like watching a feature version of a Baldur's Gate 2 cut-scene.
The people LOOK real, they ACT real, and they fight real,
But then they also look fake at the same time.
It was different with 300.
You knew everything behind them was fake,
But at least the actors were real.
But here, the digitised actors were too distracting,
You know that Angelina Jolie's character is naked,
Somehow something was just not right.
Because you also knew that it's not really the real naked Jolie.
Which in a way was a little disappointing.
No, really.
Oh, and samore the queen supposed to be damn beautiful,
But look like cartoon only.
You want a real photo-realistic hot babe?
Go watch that Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
THAT chick was damn hot.
Unfortunately the rest of the movie wasn't.

The Beowulf screenplay's co-written by Neil Gaiman,
And it's pretty decent.
The dialogue a bit crappy at times,
But the adaptation was ok.
And the style suited him.
Scary, fantasy-like, lots of horror
Oh, and some dreamy sequences.
And pretty scarily gruesome parts as well.
That Grendel is damn scary ok,
And ugly too.
The dragon also damn awesome.
Spoilers your head lar,
Who donno the Beowulf story hands up!
Never mind then.
Dragon? What dragon?

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Bob Blanchett Dylan and The Bono Beatles Go To The Movies

I should probably be posting the Movie-Not-Review of Beowulf right now, but I'm irritated incorporated right now and I can't be arsed to try and be funny. So there.

Anyway, I'd like to combine some music and movies in this post, and feature two movies about musicians that I've been intrigued by recently.

Here's the first:

Yes, I'm Not There a movie about Bob Dylan. the dude who came up with songs like Blowing In The Wind, Like a Rolling Stone, and many, many, many more.

Now, even though I'm not exactly a big fan of Dylan's music, I'm naturally quite curious about this movie. It film depicts Dylan through seven different stages of his life played by six different actors (is the seventh Dylan playing himself? That would be so cool, right?)

Now, if that isn't enough to pique your curiosity, check out the names of the people playing Dylan: Christian Bale. Richard Gere. Heath Ledger. and Cate Blanchett.

Cate Blanchett you say? Yup, you got that right. This hot mama:

Will be playing this er... not-so-hot grandpapa:

Granted, she plays a much younger Dylan, and she does look the part as shown in this comparison photo below:

Can you tell which Dylan actually has boobs?

Anyway, one wonders what Dylan himself thinks of the film. Would he even watch it? Or does he go, "Bah, another rerun."? Or would he go watch it and go, "Hey, Cate does a better me than I did!"

Whatever. I'm still intrigued by the movie. Maybe after watching it I might actually start LIKING Bob Dylan's music...

Anyway, another music-related movie I'm quite intrigued by is this one:

Beatles fans will know that title AND the blurb on the poster are the titles of Beatles songs.

Across The Universe is actually an original movie musical, a love story about a pair of star-crossed lovers, Jude (Jim Sturgess) and Lucy (Evan Rachel Wood); and features 34 songs by the Beatles, as well as a cameo by Bono (yesm that dude from U2) as Dr. Robert.

I'm a real sucker for pop culture referencing movies like this (heck, I loved that Beatles-influenced episode of the Powerpuff Girls), and there are few bands bigger and with more pop culture milestones than the Beatles. All the major characters in the film are named after names in Beatles songs, the dialogue has references to their lyrics, and heck, there is even a rooftop concert later on.

No matter whether the movie will suck or not, Beatles fans should have a blast looking out for all the references to the band, and singing along to the songs (I've already heard the soundtrack, and it's pretty decent).

So yeah, bring on Dylan and the Beatles. Then maybe I'll be in the mood for some Johnny Cash or some Jim Morrison next...

Monday, 12 November 2007

All I Wanna Say To Anything Today Is.....




Sunday, 11 November 2007

The Legendary Penguin Books Warehouse Sale is BACK!

"The Penguin warehouse sale has gained legendary status among Malaysian Book lovers..."
- Elizabeth Tai, The Star (11/11/07)

Oh hell yeah. Many Malaysian bookaholics indeed still have fond memories of that Penguin sale, and still reminisce about how many books they bought at the sale, and complaining that the ones that have cropped up over the years just have not lived up to the fabulous standard of the Penguin one.

I remember the last Penguin book sale. It was my first ever book warehouse sale, but since I was still a student at the time, I was dead broke, and only had RM20 in my wallet. After some calculation, I realised that my budget only allowed me to buy RM10 worth of books (I needed the other RM10 to pay for petrol to drive home to Serdang).

With that RM10, I still managed to get two (or was it three?) books, and went home happy but wishing I had more money to buy more books.

Then later when I joined my present company, I found out that that was the ABSOLUTE LAST Penguin warehouse sale, and after that, the unsold books were all TURNED INTO PULP!


Anyways, fast forward five years, and the legendary Penguin Books Warehouse Sale IS BACK!!!!!

Here are the details:

Date: 16-21 November 2007
Time: 9am - 7pm
Venue: Pearson Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Lot 2, Jalan 215, Off Jalan Templer, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

And here's a map, courtesy of

See you there! I'll probably be the one digging through all the fantasy titles in order to get the entire set of a series with the SAME COVERs. Don't forget to say hi yeah? :D

Friday, 9 November 2007

When Writers Strike, TV Junkies Weep

The Writer's Guild of America has gone on strike. Good for them I say. Them writers deserve more credit. But only for the good stuff. Writers like those who 'adapted' that stupid Earthsea TV series can go die.

Now, what does this have to do with us over here in Malaysia, you say? Quite a bit, actually, especially if you're a movie/TV junkie who can't be bothered to wait for Astro to start being more current with their TV shows and instead downloads every single new episode of House/Heroes/Dexter bla bla bla the day after it airs in
the US.

Consider this:
  • Talk shows by guys like Jay Leno and Jon Stewart had to stop filming and start running reruns because there were no writers around to make them seem even remotely funny.
  • The premiere of the 7th season of 24 has been postponed until after the strike (whenever that will be) so that 'it can air uninterupted'.
  • Desperate Housewives has stopped filming because they have run out of scripts. Grey's Anatomy is set to follow suit.
  • Tim Kring had to modify the ending of Heroes' Season 02 Episode 11 JUST IN CASE it's the last one this season.
  • The final episode of Scrubs will probably never be aired.
  • Production on Transformers 2 was held back in anticipation of the strike
  • We will probably get stuck with EVEN MORE DUMBASS REALITY SHOWS because those shows don't need writers.

And that isn't even the end of it yet. The strike is not likely to be over anytime soon, which pretty much means that sooner or later, we're gonna have a lot of shows stopping production. Which means I'll actually need to do some work instead of watching TV (or rather, my laptop screen) all day.

On the plus side, this gives Astro a chance to finally CATCH UP. It also gives me a little bit more of a life outside of waiting for TV shows to finish downloading...

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Seinfeld is Da' Bee!

Bee Movie.
Not a Review.
Buzz Buzz.
Buzz Buzz Buzz.
It's a movie about bees.
Actually, more on one bee.
A bee that sounds like Jerry Seinfeld.
Which is a good thing.
Because otherwise it would have sucked.
As it is, it was quite ok.
Better than Shrek 3, definitely.
Nowhere near Ratatouile,
But it's the best of the rest this year.
Oh wait, I liked Simpsons too.

If anyone can make a bee funny, it's Seinfeld.
If anyone can make a bee whiney, it's also Seinfeld.
And Chris Rock's voice is not so annoying when he's a mosquito.
Renee Zellweger's voice is though.
And so's that boyfriend guy of hers in the movie.
Lots of pretty good lines.
Damn funny ones too.
And some nices touches here and there.
And I really liked Barry the Bee's facial expressions.
Fitted Seinfeld's voice and monologues to a B.

It's good to watch.
As long as you check in logic at the door.
Bees talking English, yeah right.
Bees wearing suits and appearing in court, yeah right.
Ahh well, who cares about the mechanics anyway?
It's not meant to be logical anyway.
IT'S A CARTOON fer crying out loud.
But if anyone could pull off a dumbass plot like that,
It's Jerry Seinfeld.
Seinfeld is da Bee!

(Oh, and say hello to his strange mosquito friend too)