Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Getting Lost in The 'New' Kinokuniya

I went to Kinokuniya last night and nearly got lost while searching for the comics section. You see, the store has been undergoing some renovations the past couple of months, and they'd moved the comics to the FRONT of the store while that was going on.

So it was that last night, I got confused because instead of the comics section in the usual place out front next to the casher, it was (was it?) Political Science instead.

Now, I know some people regard some issues of Superman as relevant political and social commentery as well, but this is ridiculous.

Anyway, I searched around some more, and spied with my little beady eyes a glass cabinet with what looked like a HUGE bust of Venom over in the place where the OLD comics section used to be. I hurried over there, past the little digital dictionary counter and the Chinese section, and VOILA! The comics section was there!

So yeah, the old comics section is now the new comics section once again. Somehow, I prefered that old layout of having just ONE BIG WALL of graphic novels (with several normal shelves to show off the new titles); to the current layout of several normal size bookshelves though. Maybe I'm just not used to the layout yet.

Anyway, after the renovation, Kinokuniya has gotten a whole lot bigger, almost as big as the one in Singapore, and certainly seems to have more books than that other so-called 'biggest bookstore in Asia' has.

They've kicked out the poor back room office staff (who now have to work in the food court below, I presume. haha) and moved the Japanese section (which used to be on 2nd level Isetan) into their space, so it has a whole new room to itself BEHIND the comics section.

The travel section is also now sandwiched between the chinese and comics section now; while the MANGA has its own wall shelf display, instead of the graphic novels. Not fair. :-(

Anyway, aestheticlly the store is the same, but the new section seems... BRIGHTER for some reason. must be the new light bulb. hehe. I just wish they'd have kept the one-wall layout for the graphic novels though....

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