Tuesday, 20 November 2007

The Late-Night Library-Rearranging Project

In a fit of productive madness, I decided to rearrange my library of books at around 9pm last night, and ended up doing it until almost 3am. And I'm not even halfway done yet...

It all started out with me trying to look for that copy of A History of Violence that I knew I had, but could not recall where I'd chucked it. So I decided to go through the unsorted piles of books in the library... and ended up turning it into a semi-sorted pile of books instead, complete with the moving of an extra bookcase from downstairs to the area.

Turned out to be quite fun, actually. I realised that there is nothing I like better than being alone with a whole lot of books (ok that sounds a little strange).

And no, it's not a regular habit of mine, this 'doing housework in the middle of the night' thing.

Anyway, I made a few interesting discoveries last night, such as:

- I have around twenty Marion Zimmer Bradley Darkover books (All with Payless Books price tags), but have not read a single one of them.

- I also have an strangely large number of books by female fantasy authors like JV Jones, Anne McCaffrey, Patricia A. McKillip, Katherine Kurtz, Angus Wells, Melanie Rawn etc; most of which I which I bought on whims during my Payless Books excursions in the past. Payless must have been thanking me for relieving them of all those books.

- I have the entire set of Dune books (those written by Frank Herbert, that is), and have only read the first one.

- I also have the entire set of Stephen R. Donaldson's Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever books (yes, ALL THREE SERIES of em), and have never got past the first quarter of Lord Foul's Bane.

- My Lone Wolf collection is still intact, and complete until book twelve (in my opinion, the only books that matter in the whole franchise). I wish I could say the same about my GrailQuest ones though.

- I have so many Discworld books that I was not even aware that I'd not read two of them - Eric and The Truth. And a few other non-Discworld ones. (Must. Read. Them. And confirm my Pratchett-Reading Superiority).

- I have practically every single Salman Rushdie book, except for the one that brought my attention to him in the first place - The Satanic Verses. (Makes me rue missing out on the first print edition of the book that I saw for sale the other day for only RM30... sigh...)

- There are books by Jackie Collins and Harold Robbins in the pile. Ok, who put them in there?

- I found the book I borrowed some twenty years ago from the little library in Temerloh, and (thought I'd) lost. Wonder how much the fines are if I bring it back now...

- I need more bookshelves.

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