Friday, 16 November 2007

Let It Be Strawberry Fields Forever All Across The Universe

Across The Universe.
Not a Review.
Please please me,
Try and watch this movie
It's the Beatles, goddammit,
More people should hear their music.
From Liverpool all the way to New York,
It shows how much their music rocked.
Even after all these years,
The songs are still sweetness to my ears.
By themselves they tell a strange little stories
Put them together you get this strange little movie
It may be more than two hours long,
But it will constantly get you singing along.

Hey Jude,
Why you look like James Blunt?
Sitting on the beach singing to no one?
Lucy, you're in the sky with diamonds,
Something in the way you move,
Makes me wonder why you want a revolution,
Jude just wants strawberry fields forever,
But you let his paintbrush gently weep.
Poor Maxwell, no silver hammer,
Just a warm gun and some happy jungle warfare.
Sexy Sadie, you look like Janis Joplin,
Shacking up to Jimi Hendrix,
Who didn't actually burn that guitar.

Bono is the Walrus,
The Dr Robert who goes Goo Goo G'Joob!
Salma Hayek in a Sexy Nurse Uniform!
And Being For The Benefit of Mr Izzard,
Mr Kite dances with trippy Blue People!
Kids swimming in psychedelic coloured waters,
Sergeant Pepper would be proud,
To go on this magical mystery tour.
It sometimes makes you think you're on an acid trip,
It's got the kitchen sink and all,
All that's missing is a yellow submarine.

It's not perfect,
And it's a bit too weird to have them singing all the time.
So if you don't like musicals,
You might want to run helter-skelter from this.
It takes you to the bottom and then back to the top of the ride,
It makes you break down and cry,
And there's nothing done here that hasn't been done,
But just let it be, let it be.
Sure, nothing's gonna change your world,
But the songs whisper words of wisdom and love,
And they'll have you singing along,
And humming them all day long.
Besides, all you need is love,
And the Beatles.
And that is all you need.

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