Monday, 26 November 2007

The Macau Mess-capade: Garish Casinos and Fabulous Ruins

After a LONG 12-hour trip home which involved countless hours of waiting in between a one hour boat ride and a three hour flight, I'm finally home (seriously, I'd rather spend 13 hours in a plane to London than spend so much time waiting around changing modes transportation jsut to get somewhere).

But since I'm too damn tired to blog too much about the trip (plus there isn't really that much to blog about Macau anyway), I shall keep my Macau Mess-capade post to just this one.

Anyway, one of the most striking features of Macau is the Macau Tower. Unfortunately, I have no idea how I could NOT have a single picture of the Macau Tower at all (despite hanging out at the Toys R Us there) so I shall leave it to your imaginaiton. Imagine the the KL Tower, but shorter.

Another rather imposing and stirking landmark of Macau is the garish Grand Lisboa building.

It's supposed to resemble a bat (considered lucky, apparently) but it just looks extremely hideous to me. And apparently those Portuguese who colonised Macau way long time ago already had visions of this hideous structure dominating their skyline, and lined up their cannons well ahead of time:

That's on top of a hill which has the Macau Museum, BTW. to get there, you have to go to the Centro district, which I think is a World Heritage site, and has this fabulous structure as its crowning glory:

That's the ruins of the Church of St Paul. Why ruins? Because basically, that wall you're looking at is most of what's left of the original church.

Here's a closer look at the wall:

Quite pretty, actually.

Unfortunately, on account of me not having enough time to go around a lot, and also being stuk on Taipa Island a long way away from the main Macau city, I didn't have time to look around or see more. Maybe next time.

Now, scuse me, I need to go back to recuperating...

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