Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Seinfeld is Da' Bee!

Bee Movie.
Not a Review.
Buzz Buzz.
Buzz Buzz Buzz.
It's a movie about bees.
Actually, more on one bee.
A bee that sounds like Jerry Seinfeld.
Which is a good thing.
Because otherwise it would have sucked.
As it is, it was quite ok.
Better than Shrek 3, definitely.
Nowhere near Ratatouile,
But it's the best of the rest this year.
Oh wait, I liked Simpsons too.

If anyone can make a bee funny, it's Seinfeld.
If anyone can make a bee whiney, it's also Seinfeld.
And Chris Rock's voice is not so annoying when he's a mosquito.
Renee Zellweger's voice is though.
And so's that boyfriend guy of hers in the movie.
Lots of pretty good lines.
Damn funny ones too.
And some nices touches here and there.
And I really liked Barry the Bee's facial expressions.
Fitted Seinfeld's voice and monologues to a B.

It's good to watch.
As long as you check in logic at the door.
Bees talking English, yeah right.
Bees wearing suits and appearing in court, yeah right.
Ahh well, who cares about the mechanics anyway?
It's not meant to be logical anyway.
IT'S A CARTOON fer crying out loud.
But if anyone could pull off a dumbass plot like that,
It's Jerry Seinfeld.
Seinfeld is da Bee!

(Oh, and say hello to his strange mosquito friend too)

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