Monday, 26 November 2007

A Tiny Empire of Ivory Goodness

I was in Kino just now, looking through the fantasy section again, when this book caught my eye... from ALL the way at the BOTTOM of the M/N shelf...

Woo! the fourth book of the Temaraire series is out!! But wait, why is it in that cover, and in such a small paperback?

FYI, this is the cover I really want:

Unfortunately, this particular cover is only available in hardcover (and is not even in stock yet), and the paperback version I need to complete my set of covers is only gonna be released next year...

Sigh... at least the one I bought only cost me slighlty more than twenty bucks, thanks to Kino's 20% discount tags.

The question now is.... now that I've already got the book, and will probably finish it in no time at all... do I buy the book again next year when the cover I REALLY want comes out?

Sigh, decisions decisions...

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