Thursday, 29 November 2007

To Read The Night Fantastic

Just finished Sergei Lukyanenko's The Night Watch last night before going to sleep, and I have to say it's a pretty good read. Now I'm gonna get the other two books in the series (so far, there's one last one coming out next year I think):

I don't quite like this set of covers though, I prefer the other version without the tacky pictures of vampires on the cover.

I also HATE that bloody stupid Daily Telegraph blurb that seems to be plastered on every single cover I see, proclaiming that the books ae "J.K. Rowling, Russian Style!". Bah, Ptui!

The Night Watch is anytime better and more original than bloody Harry Potter, ok? It's not meant for kids, that's for sure, and the way he describes the Twilight and all the mechanisms that govern the Light and the Dark is anytime more original than anything J.K. "DUMBLEDORE IS GAY!" Rowling-In-It ever wrote (with probably the exception of the ending in Prisoner of Azkaban).

Now I'm VERY intrigued by the two movie adaptations for Night Watch and Day Watch, which ironically enough, are said to be 'The Matrix, Russian-styled'. Well, as long as they didn't turn Boris Ignatyevich into some Morpheus wannabe, I'm cool with that.

And also, I'm gonna hunt for this set of posters as well:

I've already got the Day Watch one, now all I need is the Night Watch poster to make this one of the coolest set of posters I'll have in my collection.... hehehe.

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