Thursday, 15 November 2007

Tom Holt Was Illuminated (And Cheap) At The Penguin Books Warehouse Sale

The Penguin Books Warehouse Sale is EEEEVILLLLL I tell you. Why? Well, I only spent a total of one and a half hours there at the media preview day today, and already it compelled and hypnotised me into buying this tack of books:

What was the damage? Don't even ask. Let's just say I'm really, really afraid of going there again, in case I buy even MORE books. Yes, especially since I had twice the number of books shown here in my box while at the sale, and eventually had to let them go because I didn't have enough cash...

Besides what I bought, here are some more gems found when I went there (which will probably be gone by tomorrow):

  • Stardust & Anansi Boys (Neil Gaiman) = RM10
  • The Comical Tragedy or Tragical Comedy of Mr. Punch (Neil Gaiman & Dave McKeane): RM23
  • Entire set of Wheel of Time books = RM12
  • Entire set of Alexander McCall Smith books = RM10-12 each
  • Assorted Terry Brooks Shannara books = RM10-12
  • Wonder Woman, Hulk, Superman visual Guides = RM30+
  • Calvin & Hobbes, Dilbert anthologies
And a whole lot more. I haven't even gone through the ENTIRE sale yet...

So what ya waiting for? Go get the books before they get turned to pulp like last time!!!

Oh, and don't bother looking out for the skinny guy trawling the bins for fantasy books. I doubt I'll be going again. Must... resist.... GAH!

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