Friday, 9 November 2007

When Writers Strike, TV Junkies Weep

The Writer's Guild of America has gone on strike. Good for them I say. Them writers deserve more credit. But only for the good stuff. Writers like those who 'adapted' that stupid Earthsea TV series can go die.

Now, what does this have to do with us over here in Malaysia, you say? Quite a bit, actually, especially if you're a movie/TV junkie who can't be bothered to wait for Astro to start being more current with their TV shows and instead downloads every single new episode of House/Heroes/Dexter bla bla bla the day after it airs in
the US.

Consider this:
  • Talk shows by guys like Jay Leno and Jon Stewart had to stop filming and start running reruns because there were no writers around to make them seem even remotely funny.
  • The premiere of the 7th season of 24 has been postponed until after the strike (whenever that will be) so that 'it can air uninterupted'.
  • Desperate Housewives has stopped filming because they have run out of scripts. Grey's Anatomy is set to follow suit.
  • Tim Kring had to modify the ending of Heroes' Season 02 Episode 11 JUST IN CASE it's the last one this season.
  • The final episode of Scrubs will probably never be aired.
  • Production on Transformers 2 was held back in anticipation of the strike
  • We will probably get stuck with EVEN MORE DUMBASS REALITY SHOWS because those shows don't need writers.

And that isn't even the end of it yet. The strike is not likely to be over anytime soon, which pretty much means that sooner or later, we're gonna have a lot of shows stopping production. Which means I'll actually need to do some work instead of watching TV (or rather, my laptop screen) all day.

On the plus side, this gives Astro a chance to finally CATCH UP. It also gives me a little bit more of a life outside of waiting for TV shows to finish downloading...

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