Thursday, 13 December 2007

An Alzheimic Embuggerance To Mr Pratchett

Yes, I know this is the third post that is not a "Filler Post Disguised as a Proper Update" today, but I felt this bit of news was too important to wait for tomorrow to post.

I was alerted today by Ted Mahsun to this letter by Terry Pratchett posted two days ago on Paul Kidby's website:


Frankly, the thought of dear old Terry Pratchett having Alzheimers is just a little too distressing for me. Surely dear old DEATH wouldn't be visiting him this soon? Can't he just do a Rincewind and RUN AWAY or something like that???? After all, if Granny Weatherwax can negotiate with Death himself, surely, the all-mighty creator of the Discworld can do the same as well?

Sigh.... :-(

For now, it's still early days yet, and since Pratchett himself sounds rather optimistic and prefers that people "kept things cheerful", I shall also follow in his wishes and interpret the situation as Pratchett says, as in 'I am not dead'. He also promises a few more books yet, so at least that cheers me up a little.

Here's to you, Mr Terry Pratchett, and hopefully I can still get that interview with you sometime in the near future, before the inevitable happens.


Sigh, where is Dr. Gregory House when you need him most?

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