Monday, 10 December 2007

Electric Chemistry in Romantic Merdeka

It's been a RELATIVELY good year in terms of rock concerts in Malaysia. Muse was awesome a few months back, and last night, My Chemical Romance just rocked all our socks off.

I'm generally not very choosy when it comes to enjoying concerts, but my criteria for a truly enjoyable concert is rather specific. A great concert should always have the following elements:

  • Have songs that one can scream along to until your voice gets hoarse.
  • Have songs that rock so much that you just want to headbang along to it until your head feels like it might fall off your shoulders.
  • Be able to induce an irresistable urge to jump up and down, and swing your arms above your head with no reservations whatsoever
  • Be able to make me keep singing the songs over and over again hours and even days after the concert proper.
I've only ever been to five concerts that have fulfilled those criteria - Coldplay's Singapore show in 2005, Beyond's farewell concert in 2004, Muse earlier this year, and now My Chemical Romance.

Last night's concert was brilliant because it was the most fun I'd had since Coldplay. One, because I was in the front standing area, and two, because I knew most of their songs. Favorite parts? When they sang Welcome To The Black Parade and Famous Last Words, my favorite songs from The Black Parade album, and the best time I've ever had in a concert since Coldplay finished their concert with Fix You.

The band was also great, especially Gerard Way. The way he preened and posed and strutted around the stage was classic frontman shit, and it also helped that his singing (and screaming) was awesome as well.

Of course, the two decent rock concerts we've got this year is nothing compared to what Singaporeans got this year. While we've had to be content with two genuine rock bands, one poser rock band, an under-exposed pop diva and countless aging over-the-hill artistes and the usual Cantopop/Mandopop shows, music fans across the causeway have got Megadeth, The Cure, Pet Shop Boys and er... another poser rock band.

Heck, if I ever HAD to move to Singapore, at least I'll be able to take comfort in the fact that I don't have to put up with all that 'too much exposed skin' or 'rock music causes social ills' crap, and be able to genuinely enjoy proper live concerts.

Anyway, that's another band struck off my 'to watch' list. Now, if only U2, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Jimmy Eat World and Green Day would decided to come here as well...

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