Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Eyeris' 2007 Movie Lists: Top Nine Favorite Films of 2007!!

I haven't been able to get as many music lists out as I'd liked last week on account of there being other things to blog about. Anyway, I reckon that's done and dusted (no one seems to commnet on the music stuff anyway... sigh...), so this week, I'm gonna put up the Best of 2007 MOVIE LISTS instead.

First up, Eyeris' Top Nine Favorites Films of 2007!!!!!

Note, I've only included movies that I WATCHED, and that were released in 2007. So stuff like Pan's Labyrinth (which was actually released in 2006 but only came here this year), Superbad are not here, even though I DID see them, and I liked both movies.

Oh, and clicking on the titles will take you to the Movie-Not-Reviews of the movies, for easy reference... :-D


1) Transformers
- The movie that was so awesome I watched it seven times in the cinema, and had me writing TWO Movie-Not-Reviews (HERE and HERE). The most fun I had in a movie this year, and also the movie that gave me the most goose-bumpy and geek-out moments I've ever had since the Lord of The Rings movies. Besides, any movie that makes me teary-eyed when watching giant robots transform fully deserves being my favorite movie of the year.

2) Ratatouille
- It may not be my favorite ever Pixar movie, but it's miles ahead of the competition, and IMHO, deserves to be nominated for the Best Picture Oscar, just because it simply is an awesomely superb movie that I can watch over and over again without feeling bored. Plus, a cartoon that has animated food that actually make you feel hungry during a movie deserves some extra credit.

3) 300

4) Stardust
- Because it's Neil Gaiman, and it was the only adaptation of a favorite book or comic of mine (besides 300, of course)that actually lived up to my expectation and didn't have me screaming THE DIRECTOR MUST DIE!!!! at the cinema screen.

5) The Bourne Ultimatum
- Because Jason Bourne is probably the only (human) action hero that I genuinely rooted for just because I knew his ass-kicking methods are so much cooler than anyone else.

6) The Simpsons Movie
- Like DUH. It's the SIMPSONS! It may have seemed like a super-long episode of the TV show, but it was worth watching just to hear the immortal line "I WAS ELECTED TO READ, NOT TO READ."

7) Across The Universe
- Because it's got The Beatles' songs, and it got me digging up ALL (and that's a lot) of my Beatles songs and played them and singing them non-stop for days after I watched it. And I discovered what is probably my favorite Beatles song (I've Just Seen A Face) through the movie.

8) Enchanted
- I didn't do any Movie-Not-Reviews for this movie because I only watched it a few days ago and I'm a bit lazy to not-review it now. Anyway, it was an excellent and charming bit of mindless romantic comedy fluff, and I had just as much fun watching Amy Adams as I did trying to spot the send-ups of Disney's own cartoons. For me, this was probably THE romantic comedy of the year (not that I watched that many, mind).

9) Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
- I don't care what you think about it, I LIKED this movie ok? Other than some WTF moments (like the attack of the30-foot sea goddess), I thought it was a rollicking and enjoyable movie that kept me entertained almost the entire way, a lot more than Spidey 3 or Shrek 3 did...

PS: Why only nine, and not ten movies? Because the montage of movie posters looked better and more symmetrical with only nine posters in it... heheh

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