Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Eyeris' 2007 Music Lists: Favorite Musiclarity Moments

Don't know what I mean by musiclarity? Well, first of all, you should read THIS PAST POST. But in short, it's the part of a favorite song where you just wait for and when it comes, you just drop EVERYTHING you're doing jsut to listen to that part.

2007's had quite a few songs with moments like that for me, for example:

  1. The pause in between the opening intro guitar riff and the opening drums of Big Casino

  2. The way the words and music flow so smoothly together and just slide off your tongue in Faust Arp

  3. The almost plaintively wailed, musicless, drawn-out "IS THIIIIIINKING" bit in Nude

  4. The relaxed way Sky Blue Sky just makes me want to sing and smile to myself and nod my head along with the beat.

  5. The way Suffer For Fashion makes me wanna sing along merrily along with the song, and getting our little clique clicking on.

  6. The understated, relaxed, but firm duelling guitar solos at the end of Impossible Germany

  7. The way singing along to You Are My Face makes me feel like I'm re-telling a nice warm bedtime story

  8. The way the first chorus continues into the second verse with a sudden change of tone in Carry You.

  9. It's the absurdness of singing "Eva, I'm sorry but you will never have me. To me you're just a faggy girl, and I need a lover with soul power" in Bunny Ain't No Easy Rider

  10. It's when the church organ and choir kick in during Intervention

  11. It's asking the mood-shift to shifting back to good again in Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse

  12. It's the second, much higher falsetto part of the chorus in Grace Kelly that just irressistably makes you wanna shriek alongwith him

  13. The final, soaring chorus in Chase This Light.

  14. It's just something in the way that the lyric 'Keep the Car Running' is sung that makes you wanna repeat it over and over again.

  15. It's the rising string/violin parts in Any Other World.

  16. It's the bridge heading toward the chorus that goes 'Eveytime I close my eyes, I see you in front of me in Kid Gloves.

  17. It's the slow, almost painful pleading in Videotape

  18. It's how the first chorus fades into the second verse of Almost Lover.

  19. It's the catchy beats of D.A.N.C.E.

  20. It's the practically unsingable bang bang bang chorus of Paper Planes

  21. It's not being able to take our eyes off the T-Shirt and ties combination in Brianstorm.

  22. It's how the drumbeat in Icky Thump practically FORCES you to headbang (or at least nod it a little) every time it comes on.

  23. It's the haunting fade-in/fade-out arrangements in the Ghost of You Lingers.

  24. It's the guitar solo of Last Chance that cuts into a short segment of just one guitar being played.

  25. It's the rising opening intro of I Still Remember.

  26. It's saying something Cinematic or becoming a tragic figure.

Will add more when I think of more. Right now, I'm off to watch the Golden Compass! Woot!

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