Tuesday, 11 December 2007

I Am Not Legend, I Am Will Smith!

I Am Legend.
Not a review.
Not much of a legend.
Nothing much to do with the book.
No, really.
The premise is the same,
And it's still pretty much a one man show.
But the story is different,
The vampires are different,
And most of all,
The LEGEND is different.
It's like they decided to take the title of the book,
And a bit of the book's plot,
And said,
Let's get Will Smith,
And then we just forget about following the book.
Oh, and we need a dog too.
We can't have him talking to a volleyball like Tom Hanks.

Ok, now we got that out of the way,
Let's talk about the movie.
Which is not bad actually.
Will Smith was pretty good.
But a bit too action hero-like.
I liked the dog better, to tell the truth.
Ooooh, how'd they chase everyone out of New York,
And plant lalang all over the place?
Hmm, is that a Superman & Batman movie logo I see there?
Does this mean that they're gonna make the movie in 2009?
That'll be awesome.
Ooo, a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird.
I love that plane.

Lemme see, did I miss something?
Oh yeah, the vampires.
Quite scary.
Especially the first time you see them in the hive.
Fooyor, scary.
But after that not so scary liao.
They just made them seem like normal bloodsucking vampires,
Instead of the more complexed creatures they are supposed to be.
I miss Ben Cortman.
Somehow, it didn't seem complete with him screaming
It just didn't feel like 'I Am Legend' to me.

Will wished the vampire had taken a mint before trying to eat his face.

I think that was the problem.
This didn't feel like it was even remotely based on the novel.
More like a distant cousin.
After all, the whole point of the novel was the word 'Legend'
In this, that word felt like an afterthought instead.
It didn't feel like it was 'I Am Legend'.
It just felt like some generic action thriller,
Like a cross between Cast Away and 28 days Later.
Maybe they should have just changed the name instead,
And called it I AM WILLSMITH instead.
Now THAT would be some legend.

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