Thursday, 13 December 2007

Indiana Jones Has Better Sidekicks, Nicolas Cage Has a Hotter Babe

National Treasure: Book of Secrets.
Not a Review.
Otherwise known as National Treasure 2
Just in case we Malaysians don't know it's a sequel.
Not too bad a movie.
It ain't Indiana Jones,
But it's still fun to watch.
I loved all the puzzles and clues,
I love treasure hunts!
Though this time it seemed a bit TOO easy.
And they tried to get TOO Indiana Jones-y
Like, give us more puzzles, more clues!
And cut out that stupid booby trap thingies.
So many big names here too:
Ed Harris, Jon Voight, Helen Mirren,
Harvey Keitel, Nicolas Cage,
Oh, and Diane Kruger.

I missed Diane Kruger.
Screw you folks who says she's not hot enough to launch a thousand ships.
I say she is hot enough to launch a MILLION ships.
She's the reason I went to watch this movie in the first place.
Because her cleavage was the best thing in the last movie.
And it's also the best thing in THIS one as well.
Hur hur.
Everyone else was rather annoying.
Nicolas Cage is... well, Nicolas Cage.
Ed Harris was just generic.
Harvey Keitel was wasted.
Jon Voight and Helen Mirren were alright though.
Quite a cute couple too.
But someone shoot that geek dude.
He was bearable in the first movie.
But now he's just bloody annoying.
Stereotyped characters like him give geeks a bad name.

How did Indiana Jones survive without a cameraphone?
How did he send stuff to his assistants?
How did he keep track of all his notes?
Write them down? Oh.
Indy would kick Nicholas Cage's ass anytime.
And he wouldn't even need a tech-geek sidekick to do it.
He has Sam Witwicky after all,
So he's got alien robots on his side.
And failing that, Indy can always count on Short Round.
Too bad Nicholas' got a hotter babe though.
Sigh... Diane Kruger....
Drool drool drool....

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