Thursday, 6 December 2007

Shuffled aside for a New Old iPod Nano

After more than two years of listening to music from my trusty little white iPod shuffle (the one that looks like an over-glorified thumb-drive, not the fancy colourful one that looks like a hair-clip), I finally gave in to temptation and got myself an iPod Nano.

And before you say, "Eh? Why get the OLD iPod when got newer one?", let me just say that I really HATE how the new iPods look. They look like a short and stumpy brother of the cool, sleek iPod Nano I have. Who cares if they have better features? Who cares if yours can play video? MY iPod Nano looks COOLER.

Oh, and the iPod Touch? yes it's cool, but then, a person as technologically-minimalistic as I am (I buy phones only when I have to, and as long as they can ring and vibrate, I'm happy. Screw 3G) only uses the iPod to listen to music and nothing else, so screw all that touch touch feel feel video video bullshit.

Why did I decide to upgrade to an iPod Nano after all this while? Well, it's not that I wasn't happy with my iPod shuffle, but it has come to a point when I have so much music in my PC that I couldn't keep track of what I was listening to anymore, so I needed something with a screen so I'd know exactly what weird indie songs I was listening to.

And of course I got it cheap. DUH.

Anyway, don't get me wrong. I still love my iPod Shuffle vely vely much. I still using it on occasions, and have it in my bag at almsot all times. I normally use my Nano when I'm at the PC working these days, because I can spend my time at the PC for hours to end, and the music in the shuffle only lasts around 8 hours.... With the Nano, I can go on and on and on and on...

Oh, and did I mention it's an 8GB Nano? That should be able to contain er... 25% of the music I have... :S

Anyway, here's a quick lowdown of the pros and cons of upgrading from a Shuffle to a Nano...

  • I can put a whole lot more songs in it
  • The songs and battery lasts longer
  • I can finally see what obscure indie song I'm listening to, thanks to the screen
  • I don't have to arrange the order of the songs I want to listen to manually on iTunes anymore.
  • It looks so SLEEK and COOOOOL!!!!
  • Album art!
  • Got so much more features that I have yet to play around with....


  • I can't swing it around using the earphone wire
  • I have to be very careful about dropping it because I don't think it's as durable as the Shuffle
  • Getting to choose what songs I want to listen to means I tend to skip songs more, whereas with the shuffle, I was FORCED to listen to whatever damn song I uploaded into it.
  • The earphone wire is stuck in at the BOTTOM, which I find irritating because when I fish it out of my pocket by the wire, the device is UPSIDE-DOWN.
  • I can't change songs or control the volume without taking it out of my pocket (With the Shuffle, it was so much easier - up, down, left, right.
  • I need to bring the cable everywhere I go if I want to charge or reload it. With the shuffle, it had a built in USB port, so all I needed to do was stick it in a USB port...

Will add more when I think of more....

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