Thursday, 31 January 2008

Random Links To Stuff I Wanna Blog About But Have No Time to Do So

I'm busy.... So here's a random bunch of stuff and links in point form so I won't forget to blog about it later.

1) Guilermo Del Toro in talks to direct The Hobbit. Which is awesome news. Because like, he's the only other director (besides PEter JAckson) I'd love to have directing ANY fantasy film, let alone The Hobbit.

2) Jolene is having a petition to protest dangerous buses on our roads. Go support it yo.

3) Money-minded dumbasses over at Paramount planning the most pointless sequel since The Whole Ten Yards: another Cloverfield movie. Start buying stocks in barf bags, y'all.

4) Explosions In The Sky tickets to drop only tomorrow at Rock Corner. Don't buy them all before I get there, ok?

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

A Sudden Sunburst of Good Concerts in KL

Man, this year really is shaping up to be a good year for concerts in the region. Broken Social Scene in Singapore aside, We'll be having Explosions in the Sky in February, and then the Sunburst Festival in March, which will have Incubus, The Roots, John Legend, and er.... Search.

Click on the image to find out more...

No, I don't know what the cow means either.

Anyway, I got the news from Reta's, and after doing a bit of digging myself, found out that no, Smashing Pumpkins are NOT gonna be here...

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

What's YOUR favorite LEGO Childhood Memory?

Wow, I can't believe the LEGO brick is 50 years old! It feels like just yesterday that I was playing with LEGO, building buildings to pose my little Minimates and... oh wait, that WAS yesterday. Hehe.

LEGO is such an integral part of my life that even till today, I'm still buying them when I can (those things aren't cheap, ok?). Heck, they're the one toy I know is worth keeping around because it is so timeless, EVERYONE loves LEGO, and can last for a damn long time, so even my kids can play with them one day (yeah, they ain't touching my Transformers, but they can have the LEGO).

Anyway, I ain't gonna bore you with the whole history of LEGO here (you can read about it HERE if you so wish), but rather, I'll tell you some of my favorite childhood memories that have to do with LEGO:

Memory #1:
Sitting on the floor with all my LEGO strewn all around me, and happily crawling through the entire pile looking for the one piece that fits and will not fall off.

Memory #2:
Using my teeth to take apart two bricks that were stuck on so tight they can't be taken apart with bare hands.

Memory #3:
My dad screaming at me after he'd stepped on one of my LEGOS.

Memory #4:
My dad didn't need to spank or scold me whenever I did something naughty. He'd just threaten to confiscate my LEGOs and I'd be bawling my eyes out.

Memory #5
Me fixing the bricks together to make my own Transformers. My parents wouldn't buy me the more expensive Transformers you see, so I had to make them out of LEGO instead. You should've seen my Optimus Prime - he was rainbow coloured, had a pot-belly, and could only be transformed by taking him apart and putting him back together again with the same pieces in the general shape of a truck.

Memory #6
My parents buying me a little LEGO spaceship when I was stuck in the hospital with a really bad case of measles when I was little. I think that cheered me up more than the actuall getting-well bit...

Memory #7
My dad making little wire stands for me to display my LEGO spaceships on so that they looked like they were flying. That's probably what sparked my obsession with displaying my action figures in more 'dynamic' poses rather than just standing like milk bottles...

Memory #8
I remember I got REALLY REALLY upset once when one of my friends lost one of my favorite LEGO-men, the one I always used as 'Spike' Witwicky whenever I was playing LEGO Transformers...

Will add more when I think of more.

So, what's YOUR favorite childhood LEGO memory? Aww come on now, be sporting, I'm sure almost EVERYONE has a favorite LEGO childhood memory! Let's hear 'em!

PS: Maybe tomorrow I'll have a post on the LEGO I have NOW, with pictures...

PSS: Got the idea for this post from Fireangel, who loves LEGO too! Check out the comment on her post left by Paul Tan. Now THAT'S what I call a great LEGO moment! :D

Monday, 28 January 2008

Explosions In The Sky Better Be A Blast

Explosions in the Sky.
No singing.
All cinematic.

I've been playing almost their entire catalogue of songs for the past few hours, and frankly, I'm finding it harder and harder NOT to rush out and go buy a ticket for their KL show on 19 Feb.

Now, I don't usually listen to instrumental music because to me, a song is only a complete package when there are lyrics to go with the music as well. But a few hours of listening to nothing BUT Explosions in The Sky has changed my mind somewhat. Somehow, it turned out to be much, much more than just random guitar riffs and other instruments jamming.

It's hard to explain how the music is like in words, because unlike the usual songs I listen to, there are no lyrics to help me put to words the emotions I get when listening to the music. All I can say is, they may not sing, but they sure can make great music.

Also, judging from the grandoise atmospheres of their songs, I reckon they'll be one heck of a band to watch live. It'll be interesting to actually go to a concert where there is no singing involved though. But since I missed Mogwai in Singapore last year, no way in hell am I going to miss one of the most critically-acclaimed indie bands live in concert here in KL.

They may not be cheap (at RM130 a ticket, it's almost as expensive as Muse and My Chemical Romance, fer gawds sake. Not cheap for an indie show...), and they may not be everyone's cup of musical tea. But heck, I've missed so many shows already (bloody forgot about Club 8 and Pelle Carlberg last week), I thinkI'm just gonna sod it for a lark and get the bloody tickets.

But for RM130, it better be a bloody blast, I tell ya.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Maria, Maria, Quite Australia

I considered posting this in my really really defunct Sports Blog, but I decided not to because after going through it again just now, I really shouldn't subject anyone to that hideous green background anymore. hehe.

Anyway, I usually only update Eye on Sports when Maria Sharapova wins a Grand Slam, and since she just won the Australian Open, I figured I'll carry on the tradition, but over here instead...

Hey, it's sports, but I watched it on TV, so it counts as a TV post too! ahaha.

I haven't seen Sharapova so clinical in a Grand Slam before, not even during the Wimbledon that she won. She already has the skills, but this time around she's added so much more power in her game as well, so she just blew EVERYONE away in the entire tournament. I guess the thrashing she got in last year's final really got to her, eh?

Anyway, since you're undoubtedly here not to read my ramblings, here are some gratuitious photos of Maria in all her winning glory (sorry, not much cleavage this time...)

(Pictures taken from ESPN and

Ok, so the pictures aren't as gratuitious as I'd like them to be. Maybe later, eh? The match's only just ended about an hour ago...

Let There Be Explosions in The Kuala Lumpur Sky!


A genuine, proper, critically-aclaimed indie rock band is actually gonna be HERE IN KL???

I got the news from this blogger, who had the flyer posted up, and even confirmed that Rock Corner is gonna start selling tickets NEXT WEEK on the 28th!

Woohoo! Explosions in the Sky! I am SO THERE!!!

PS: Don't know who they are? Go HERE and HERE to find out!

PSS: And then if you're up for some experimental indie instrumental post-rock music, go HERE to look for their music!

Friday, 25 January 2008

Blog-Content-Stealing Scum Should Go To Hell and THEN Die

Ya know, I'm don't really care when people use my "Not A Review" way to review stuff. Fireangel did it. Madhatter did it. Vincent used it for Hantu Bola once. Heck, even Bunnywunny did it, even though she'd never read a single one of my Movie Not-Reviews before, so it goes to show that I'm not the only person who thought of it.

Heck, it's actually fun to see more and more people do it. But what really gets my goat is when someone not only uses the Not-a-Review method, but STEALS MY BLOODY POSTS WORD FOR WORD AND PASSES IT OFF AS HIS OWN.

Like this idiot here:

If it was just one, I wouldn't even be so pissed. But check it out: not one, not two, but NINE BLOODY POSTS!
  1. HEATH LEDGER - REST in PEACE DUDE! - (My original post)
  2. NATIONAL TREASURE : BOOK OF SECRETS (not-a-review) - (My original post)
  3. AVP2 = ALIEN vs PREDATOR 2 (not a review) - (My original post)
  4. I AM LEGEND (not-a-review) - (My original post)
  5. Golden Compass (not a review) - (My original post)
  6. Stardust (not a review) - (My original post)
  7. THE SIMPSONSSSSS……MOVIEE - (My original post)
  8. HARRY POTHEAD - (My original post)
  9. AUTOBOTS! TRANSFORM! AND ROLLOUT! - (My original post)
And it's not the first time he's done this either. He's stolen posts from Hantu Bola, Lilyliverbird (who apparently sent her goons over and scared him into shutting down his blog) and god knows where else.

Does anyone know what to do with content-stealing scum like this?

And if he happens to delete the stolen posts before you get a chance to see it, here's a sample of what he stole.


UPDATE (18:08)
The cowardly scum has deleted his blog, apparently. Oh well, I'll change the links later to show the screen shots I took then....

A Quantum of Solace Over Star Trek 11

It's one of the most awaited titles of the year, another sequel to the long list of films in that franchise. And it's been finally revealed!!!

Presenting, the official title to one of the most anticipated sequels of the year...


And now, I present the NEW old Enterprise!

Ah yes, Quantum of Solace, such a poetic name for a movie with such a poetic looking ship... Such a Sci-Fi sounding name that even James Bond would kill for....

Eh? What? That ain't Star Trek 11's name? Whadaya mean its the name of BOND 22????

So, it's actually James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace instead? What a bummer. And what a strange title for a James Bond film.

Yes, I know it's the title of one of Ian fleming's short stories, but it still sounds more like the title of a Star Trek movie than a James Bond ones.

What happen to good old-fashioned Bond-titles like The Spy Who Loved Me, From Russia With Love, The Man With The Golden Gun, Goldfinger, Dr. No, and Octopussy?

Heck, judging from the synopsis taken from Empireonline - centres on an attempted coup in a South American country. Dominic Greene, who works behind the cover of an organisation called Green Planet, wants to control one of the world's most important natural resources, and to aid in this he makes a deal with an exiled South American general to get him back into power. - I see no bloody connection between the bloody title and the movie at all.

And what the heck does the title mean anyway? 'A degree of comfort' like Craig himself says? Like.. wow, deeeeeeeeeep.

Bah. Forget Quantum of Solace. Judging from the 'green' theme of the synopsis, here's what they SHOULD have called Bond 22:
  • 007: An Inconvenient Kill
  • 007: Global Warming Is not Enough
  • 007: The Man With a Green Thumb
  • 007: Rainforests are Forever
  • 007: The Tree-Hugger Who Loved Me
  • 007: Captain Planet Returns
Now THOSE are what I call James Bond movie titles....

Rambo: Lots and Lots of Blood Part IV

Rambo 4.
or John Rambo.
or Rambo: To Hell and Back.
oh Whatever Part 4.
Not a Review
Sequel to Rambo: First Blood
Rambo: First Blood Part II
Rambo III (Not called More Blood)
They should have called this one Rambo 4: Lots and Lots of Blood
Heck, I tell ya, Rambo ain't a franchise,
He's a freaking institution!

No plot.
And SO ON.
All sorts of ways to die,
And very high body count.
Someone should watch it in slow-mo,
And count how many people died exactly,
And HOW EXACTLY they died.
(Apparently, someone already did...)

Hey, it's that chick from Dexter.
Not much of a cleavage though.
Cleavage Rating: 2.5
(She doesn't show any, but plus points for having boobs in the first place)
That he blew up with a BAZOOKA in Rambo II.
This one got no helicopter also.
Only a kickass sniper rifle.
I guess he didn't have enough budget.
It's Sly's own movie after all.
Directed it himself and all.
Must have bankrolled it with all that money he got
from guest-starring in Las Vegas.

That Rambo above ain't the Rambo in this film.
Sly Stallone ain't the same as before.
Oh, he's still ugly.
But last time go shirtless and all,
Got muscle muscle all.
Now he keep shirt on at all times.
Which is a good idea.
He probably doesn't have six-pack anymore.
And has boobs instead.
So if he took off his shirt,
I'd have to give him a Cleavage Rating too.
And it'll come to about -500.

Yup, Confirm. He's still ugly.
And to think Fireangel wanted to PAY to watch this...

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Time Flies When You're TV Serial Killing

I've been wallowing at home for the past two days thanks to a combination of a really really bad cold and sore throat one the first day and Thaipusam yesterday, and managed to catch up on most of the TV shows I'd been too lazy/fidgety/jaded to watch lately.

Which mean that within these two days, I've managed to finish all nine episodes of Bones' season 3, the final three episodes of Heroes Season 2 (I'd been putting off watching this for AGES despite already having it in my laptop ever since it came out a few months back... more on why later...) and eight out of the twelve episodes of Dexter Season 2.

And after 20 episodes of TV shows, each of which are about 48 minutes long, that means I'd spent a total of 16 hours doing nothing but stare at the TV screen.

Not a bad way to spend the break from work, I must say.

Anyway, since I absolutely HAVE to say something about the shows I just watched, here's a special 3-in-1 TV-Not-Review for each of the three shows...


Season 3.
Not a review.
This season not as fun as the last two leh.
Brennen a bit too serious this time.
The cases a bit weird too.
And creepy.
And the bodies are more gruesome.

Loved the Wonder Woman outfit though.
And Cam's Catwoman costume.
Hubba hubba.
Damn writer's strike.
Leaving everything in the balance.

Season 2.
Not a review.
I reckon Heroes has jumped the shark.
Put off watching the last three episodes for AGES.
Because I knew it ends at 11 episodes.
And I just KNEW that the ending would suck because of that.
And it did.
No spoilers here.
Let's just say it could have been so much better.
Though it's still not as good as the first season.
And can somebody knock some sense into Peter,
And get him to start THINKING for once,
Instead of always being someone's mindless tool.
Remind me to ask Milo that in case I meet him later.
Heh heh.

Season 2.
Not a review.
No really, it's not a review.
Because I only watched 8 episodes.
Still got four more.
But it is awesome.
More awesome than Bones and Heroes rolled into one
(which would make for a damn weird show)

I love that British chick.
She's hot.
Something about that accent just gets me.
And the fact that she takes her top off a lot helps too.
Hur hur.
Yeah, we're never gonna get this on Astro.
So much bare flesh.
So much topless shots.
It's practically a soft porn flick!
But who's complaining?
Dexter is awesome!
Even better than season one!
And it's not just because there's more boobs here!
Go watch it!

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

R.I.P. Heath Ledger, Lord of Dogtown and Clown Prince of Gotham

Heath Ledger

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Actor Heath Ledger was found dead in his Manhattan apartment on Tuesday, possibly of a drug overdose, New York City police said.

This news came as a bit of a shock to me, especially since I'd been looking forward to seeing him in the Dark Knight this year. Anyway, even if he weren't playing the joker, I'd still be shocked, because I'd always thought Ledger was one of the better young actors in Hollywood right now.

I first came across Ledger in this movie called 10 Things I Hate About You, in which I thought he was pretty good (even though I did prefer looking at Julia Stiles more). He actually made that teen flick more watchable. After that, I saw him in The Patriot, A Knight's Tale but didn't really think much about those films.

Then came Lords of Dogtown. Ledger played this stoned surfboard maker who always had a ciggy in his hand, and he was COOL. I didn't watch Brokeback Mountain (I've never been able to sit down and get through it because of the slow pace), but I already knew Ledger was a damn good actor by then. He even plays Bob Dylan in I'm Not There, fer gawds sake!

Still, when he was cast as the Joker, we were shocked. How could that pretty boy cowboy become the most psychotic criminal in Gotham?

Happily, he looks AWESOME as The Joker. Evil, cruel and downright insane, Ledger's The Joker is probably THE character to look out for this year. Though I do wonder if the toll of playing that psychotic character eventually caught up on him...

Anyway, rest in peace, Heath Ledger, Lord of Dogtown, Clown Prince of Gotham, Love of Stiles, Knight of the Lance, Patriot of Lands, Brother of Grimm, and Rider of Brokeback Mountain.

May you always dance with the devil in the pale moonlight.

Monday, 21 January 2008

The X-Files Return To Investigate Sex Tape and Blog Ad Conspiracies

I used to be quite obsessed with the X-files. For a kid who'd not heard of Twilight Zone (beyond hearing the theme song on and off, and being told not to watch it because it was usually shown late at night on school nights), the X-Files was cool. It had aliens, ghosts, conspiracies and monsters, and best of all, it had Gillian Anderson. In a suit. Hubba hubba.

The first two seasons were brilliant TV, I loved every episode of it, and was obsessed enough to actually buy (or rather, ask my parents to buy) the unofficial Guidebook to the X-Files so I could relive the episodes and read more about them.

Then came the endless conspiracies which got more and more silly, the Robert Patrick Fiasco, and the rather UNinspiring movie. And thus, the X-Files were consigned to a mere memory in my geeky mind.

And then, out of the blue, they announced that they're making a SECOND X-Files movie, and it's gonna be released THIS YEAR. And all those fantasies of seeing Gillian Anderson in nothing but a white shirt came flooding back.

Then I saw the first pictures from the movie. Suffice to say, I really don't think that the years have been too kind to Gillian. She still looks the same, but somehow she doesn't seem as hot as she used to be...

Oh well, whatever. Mulder and Scully are back, and apparently it's gonna be a stand-alone movie that will have NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING to do with the silly long-running conspiracies in the old TV show, AND have nothing to do with the last movie either.

So, what mysteries or conspiracies will Mulder and Scully tackle in this movie? Here are some that they should consider:

1) In a surprise twist, it turns out Chris Carter is actually J.J. Abrams in disguise, and the X-Files duo is assigned to investigate the link between the Cloverfield monster and that strange Slusho website.

2) Three squeaky talking chipmunks are taking over Hollywood, and Mulder and Scully have to figure out how to counter this threat to the collective minds of children all over the world (and to the ears of adults)

3) The X-Files department has been abolished, and Fox Mulder is now an award-winning TV actor. However, he is brought back to the FBI to investigate the mysterious disappearance of an actress called Gillian Anderson from the face of the earth, and to find out how exactly she went from FHM's Sexiest Woman in the world to near obscurity.

4) The dynamic duo set out to some obscure country in South-East Asia to investigate two events concerning politicians - one a sex scandal, and the other a brutal murder - and uncovers a conspiracy that could determine the exact date of the elections in that particular country.

5) Fired from the FBI, Mulder is now a celebrity blogger who makes money through his conspiracy-theory blog. When he is screwed over by some Malaysian blog-advertising network that forgot to renew its domain, he enlists the help of his former also-unemployed partner to try and get his money back.

6) The team sets out to investigate a mysterious growth on Scully's chin that could be... Oh wait, that IS her chin. Oh yer gawds....

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Book Review: To Infinity and Beyond! The Story of Pixar Animation Studios

Today I'm reviewing something different. It's a book, but its not a novel or a comic. It's more like an encyclopedia of sorts, or rather, a biography not of a man, but an entire company.

But it's not just any company, mind you, it's the Pixar Animation Studio, which is defintely MY favorite film studio like, evar. So when I saw this book sitting on a shelf in Kinokuniya with a blue 20% discount on it (which meant I saved almost RM50 on it), I just... could.. not.. resist... sigh.

Anyway, let's just see what this book has, shall we?


Title: To Infinity and Beyond! The Story of Pixar Animation Studios
Author: Karen Paik (based on interviews and research by Leslie Iwerks)

What synopsis? It's a book about the rise of Pixar Animation Studios from a tiny breakaway little Computer Division to the mega-successful computer-animation film studio it is now, with stories of how they built the company, and how they made the films from Toy Story to Cars (this book was done before Ratatouille, I presume).

What I Liked:
  • It's Pixar!
  • It really inspired me.
  • Lots of cute and cool little pictures of the movies!
  • I love the movies, so I loved reading about how they made them as well
  • The layout and the way its written is not boring like other such books.
  • Doesn't go into too much technical details like I expected it to
  • It was fascinating to see how the company progressed
  • They included the production of the animated shorts as well, and not just the features.
  • Did I mention it's Pixar?

What I Didn't Like:
  • First few chapters about how they built the company was a bit slow, I kept wantingto skip to the part when they start making movies.
  • Could have been more up-to-date, especially with Ratatouille being Pixar's first self-funded movie and all.
  • I wished there was more in-depth and detailed elaboration on the actual making of the movies themselves, and not just the usual 'story is king' and general top-of-surface issues alone.
  • I couldn't help thinking that the image painted of the company was TOO squeaky clean at times...

This ain't a novel you read to sleep at night or for your leisure, but to my surprised, I was more engrossed with this book than I have with any other fiction novel or fantasy in the past two months. I think it harks back to the times when I used to pore through atlases and encyclopedias to find out about stuff.

This being Pixar, a subject I'm genuinely interested about, it was more engaging to me than the usual 'encyclopedia' or 'biography'. I loved all their movies, so I enjoyed reading about them in the book, and I was really intrigued and inspired by all the 'characters' in it, especially John Lasseter himself. Now THERE'S another name to add to the list of 'people I really want to interview'.

All the pretty pictures and concept drawings of the movies also helped, and to tell the truth, I'm a real sucker for nice big glossy pictures in encyclopedias, so that was another plus point for me.

Sure, it's just a book, and they usually gloss over the ugly bits of the company in these things, but as it is, it's still an inspiring read for me. It may not be as squeaky clean as the book makes it out to be, it still somehow inspired me to think about what I'm doing right now, to be a bit more creative in my thinking and writing.

To me, it's not just another boring book about just another successful company - it's also a book that company that is fueled by the sort of creativity and imagination that I aspire to achieve one day.

Friday, 18 January 2008

The Funniest Reality TV Show Ever: American Idol Auditions!

OK, I lied. The Amazing Race is not the only reality show I watch. I also happen to think that American Idol is the funniest reality show ever made.

But only the auditions bits. The proper talent show bit, I can live without.

I've watched bits and pieces of the audition rounds of almost every season of American Idol so far, and I have to admit that it is one great piece of entertainment. I was watching when William Hung made his infamous debut for the first time, and I was also privy to the countless clueless Americans (and then some) who have no idea how bad they sound or how stupidly delusional they make themselves look.

Heck, even the two Malaysian editions had auditions that were hilarious (that Air Guitar Mat Rock was hilarious, and so was that 'dude' with a feather boa who claimed he was singing You Raised Me Up 'just like the CD'). And who can forget (no really, once you see it, you'll never forget it even with hypnosis or by trying to induce amnesia on yourself by banging your head on a wall repeatedly) that bloody yellow-underwear-wearing so-called 'Handsomest Man in Singapore' Steven Lim's audition? Don't know that one? Go YouTube it. BLUEK!

Yes yes, so I like laughing at people making a fool out of themselves. So sue me.

Of course, once the audition rounds and all those fresh-faced Idol-wannabes start on their so-called 'journey' to be a star, that's where I tune off, because frankly speaking, unless they have an American Indie Rock Idol show, I can't be arse to watch all those pop-star wannabes murder perfectly good songs with their 'interpretations'." All that sugary, starry-eyed 'It's my dream to be a star' talk makes me gag.

Yes, I'm also a cynical bastard. So sue me (again).

But at least for now, the audition rounds are still airing, so there's still lots of entertainment yet, especially since Randy and Simon are still as funny as ever. Paula is still annoying though. They should have bloody replaced her six seasons ago.


Thursday, 17 January 2008

Sky-High With Two Supreme Additions To The Collection!

Been a while since I've talked about Transformers here. Yeah, sure, that little Ultimate Toy Battle I did had some Transformers in them, but I didn't TALK about them, did I? They talked about themselves! Oh wait. I also talked about that new cartoon series. Oh well...

(Yes, that's the cue for all ye' non-Transformer fans to roll your eyes and go to another blog. Click on an ad before yer go, ok? I need the money to buy new Transformers, hehe)

Anyway, there's been a whole new wave of interest in Transformers ever since some movie came out last year and created a whole new wave of newbie Transformers fans who have been buying every single Transformers movie toy in sight and not leaving any for us long-suffering fans who are now deprived of their moment of happiness when they find that ONE RARE TRANSFORMER TOY in Toys R' Us, because all the Transformer toys in Toys R' Us are usually gone by the time we get there (the good ones, at least).


Anyway, if there's one thing that these new Transformers fans won't be able to appreciate, is the blocky shapes and sculpts of the Yer Old G1 Transformers that have almost zero articulation and do nothing but stand straight and transform into cars.

Takara (Or rather,, what's left of it after Tomy merged with it) has been comign up with NEW Old G1 toys in their Encore series, and after the usual Optimus/Megatron/Starscream ones that came out in the first wave, and then the Ironhide and Ratchett toys recently, they're moving on to bigger stuff. Bigger stuff like this dude here, who is the most AWESOME TRANSFORMER EVER MADE!

Presenting.... SKY LYNX!!!

Ok, maybe he doens't look so awesome in this picture (he looks like a chicken with teeth); but take a look at the OTHER half of this AWESOME toy!:


Oh dear. I don't remember Sky Lynx being THIS weird looking. Oh wait, there's more. First his alternate mode...


A shuttle with a box underneath it. Somehow, this Sky Lynx toy isn't looking as hot as I used to think it was.

Oh, but wait. there's this LAST pictures that makes it all worthwhile...

AWRIGHT!!! Now THAT'S what I'm talking about. Woohoo, Sky Lynx! Now at least ONE of my Transformers will have a British accent.

Er... never mind.

Oh, and since we're on the suject of BIG Transformers, here's the OTHER one I'm looking forward to...

Presenting... OMEGA SUPREME!!!!

Transforms from Giant Robot to er... some rollercoaster battle station thingy. Don't ask. Just buy.

No, on second thought, DON'T buy. Or else there'd be no more left for me...

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

It's Huge! It's Alive! It Destroys Stuff! It's the Cloverfield Monster!!!

Not a review.
Don't read this.
No, really, don't read this.
The less you know, the better.
No, I don't have spoilers.
No spoilers here.
What's there to spoil?
No, I don't have any pictures of the monster.
And that's all that matters, really.
The monster.

Still reading?
Still wanna know what I think?
I think it's a B-Grade movie.
But only if they'd done it the usual movie way.
With this way, they made it much better.
No plot? Lousy characters? No problem!
Just make everyone THINK that it's something more,
Set up an elaborate and pointless viral campagin,
And throw in an awesome monster,
Use a handheld camera to shoot the damn thing,
And then make a killing selling barf bags outside the cinema.

Like DUH,
This is a M-O-N-S-T-E-R movie.
What else is it supposed to be?
Did I miss something that said it's gonna be something else?
I must have missed the viral memo.
so stop whining about the shaky cameras,
The flimsy plot, and the lousy characters.
It's just a monster movie.
It's also the closest you'll ever get to be INSIDE a monster movie.
All those hours of playing Quake and Doom finally paid off for me.
But I still got a bit dizzy from all the 1st-person handheld camerawork shit.

Oh look, it's that hot Indian-looking chick from CSI,
She's smoking hot.
Cleavage Rating: 9 out of 10
The rest of the cast are...
Er, Michael Stahl something.
That other chick not hot also.
The dude holding the camera is annoying.
But never mind the people.
They are inconsequential.
Insignificant insects.
The Monster is what matters.

Monster is awesome.
I want an action figure of the monster.
Still don't know what it is though.
But it doesn't matter.
Like I said, it's just a monster.
It's big,
It's loud,
It's ugly,
It destroys stuff.
Who cares WHAT it is?
Still wanna go watch?
Remember to bring a barf bag.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Depp + Burton + Music + Cleavage + Lots of Blood = Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd.
The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.
Not a Review.
Lots of blood!
Lots of songs!
Some cleavage too.
Burton is obsessed with Helena's cleavage.
Like the blood.

Johnny Depp rocks.
No, he doesn't sing rock.
Yes I know he had a rock band.
But that's not what I meant.
I mean, he sings, but not rock.
No, he rocks, he just doesn't SING rock.
In this movie I mean.
Ahh whatever.
His singing not bad actually.
And he is one scary barber.
I'm not letting another razor like that near me throat.
I'd slit me own throat first,
Rather than let a damn barber do it for me.

Woohoo Ali G!
Eh wait, or is it Borat?
It's Borat in Italian!
Or is it an Italian Ali G?
Alan Rickman is despicable.
He is very good at being despicable.
He is despicably good at being despicable.
I hate him for making us hate him so much.
And being so good at it too.

The songs are awesome.
You HAVE to listen to the lyrics,
The lyrics are EVERYTHING.
The lyrics are AWESOME.
Especially the ones where Depp AND Helena are singing.
Forget the fact that he is breaking out into song,
Even as he is slitting someone's throat.
Just LISTEN to the lyrics.
And have a jolly good time doing it too.
I vote this the most enjoyable yet bloody movie ever.
Music, blood, Depp and Burton.
Musicals don't get better than this, I'm afraid.
Disagree with me and I'll slit yer throat with a STAPLER.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Olga Goes From Hitman to Bond girl

Ah yes, James Bond. While most people argue over who is the best ever Bond, whether Daniel Craig will ever live up to the name; or complain about there not being enough gadgets in the last film, I prefer to focus on the more er... aesthetically pleasing... er... assets... in the films, namely, the Bond girls.

The girls in the upcoming Bond flick (currently only known as Bond 22) have a lot to live up to (in my books, that is), especially since Casino Royale's girl (Eva Green, not the (also hot) latino chick who died a few hours after Bond shagged her) was one of my favorite ever (That scene where she walks into the casino with THAT purple dress has GOT to be one of the hottest Bond Girl entrances in the entire franchise).

They've announced the two girls already, and the first one is Brit chick Gemma Arterton.

Yeah, me neither.

I tried looking around for more information about Gemma (or rather, pictures, since I couldn't care less about where she's been, it's more important to know what she looks like in lingerie) and her pictures aren't exactly all over the net (those that are feature her in some hideous bowl shaped hair, which I'd rather not see her sporting in Bond 22).

This here is the only decent picture I've found (so far):

Not too bad, actually. Gemma may not be be a very recognisable name, but she looks good enough to be a Bond girl, I reckon. Heck, at least it ain't another Grace Jones, huh?

Anyway, the other Bond Girl that's been announced is a familiar name though: Olga Kurylenko.

Olga who? Olga of Hitman; of the pierced tongue and tattooed face in a red top that is whipped off while straddling the Hitman himself, and that same Olga who then walks around topless in the apartment with nary a whiff of self-consciousness.

Yes, THAT Olga.

to be fair, if the only image you have of Olga is that of her topless, and if you're also wondering if she is going to spend most of Bond 22 in a similarly naked manner, then let me just assure you that she doesn't just have a pretty good-looking body (that admittedly she likes to show off a lot), but actually CAN look pretty cute and sweet, demure in fact, as shown in the following pictures:

That's when she's got her clothes on, of course. When the clothes are off, it's a different matter.

Now THAT's more like it.

And since she DOES have a reputation of taking her top off in movies (hey, so did Eva Green!), it's probably good bet that we'll get to see a fair bit of (her) skin in the movie as well...

So, when's Bond 22 opening again?