Monday, 7 January 2008

The Amazing Malaysian Accents Race

Although in general I really really hate TV reality shows, I'm a real sucker for The Amazing Race, and have been following the damn show for ages now (I can't remember when I started, I think it was that Chip and Kim season, or one season before that...).

While IMHO the American version has pretty much gone downhill ever since the high of the 'Hippies' season (now THAT was a brilliant season, thanks to the Hippies, and the idiocy of the American Jocks), with the stupid 'All-Stars' season and the even stupider 'Family Edition', this season has been pretty entertaining so far. However, I haven't been watching this season that much... because to me, The Amazing Race ASIA (TARA) is so much more entertaining.

While the race itself is looking boring (those two Filipino jocks are virtually unstoppable, me thinks), the show itself is highly entertaining (for me at least), thanks to the two Malaysian sisters -Pamela and Vanessa - who get my vote as the most entertaining team on TARA EVER. I get a huge kick out of hearing them going around bickering and complaining in their oh-so-familiar Malaysian accents. seriously, I've not laughed so much watching the Amazing Race since the Hippies were yelling "Crazy White Man coming through!" in Japanese.

Quote of the season so far, coming from one of the sisters (I really can't tell one from the other, sorry) while going through a so-called 'scary' haunted house in New Zealand: "Haiyar, not scary also wan!".

Other highlights for me right now is watching Terri scream and rant at Henry (whom I really respect for being so patient with his wife), ogling at Paula (who has a really, really cute smile. She's the one on the left, BTW), the two dancing moms resorting to dirty tactics (they're not as entertaining as the sisters, annoying even, but that look on Ann's face when she found out she was not supposed to stick her arms into the soy paste was priceless), and hoping every episode that the two sisters at least last until the final episode.

I think also the fact that having Malaysians on the show means I have a team (or teams) to root for, and that makes it even more interesting to watch. Also helps that the Malaysians are always damn entertaining to watch, of course.

This season also goes to show that if you want your show to be more entertaining, pick more Malaysians!

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