Friday, 25 January 2008

Blog-Content-Stealing Scum Should Go To Hell and THEN Die

Ya know, I'm don't really care when people use my "Not A Review" way to review stuff. Fireangel did it. Madhatter did it. Vincent used it for Hantu Bola once. Heck, even Bunnywunny did it, even though she'd never read a single one of my Movie Not-Reviews before, so it goes to show that I'm not the only person who thought of it.

Heck, it's actually fun to see more and more people do it. But what really gets my goat is when someone not only uses the Not-a-Review method, but STEALS MY BLOODY POSTS WORD FOR WORD AND PASSES IT OFF AS HIS OWN.

Like this idiot here:

If it was just one, I wouldn't even be so pissed. But check it out: not one, not two, but NINE BLOODY POSTS!
  1. HEATH LEDGER - REST in PEACE DUDE! - (My original post)
  2. NATIONAL TREASURE : BOOK OF SECRETS (not-a-review) - (My original post)
  3. AVP2 = ALIEN vs PREDATOR 2 (not a review) - (My original post)
  4. I AM LEGEND (not-a-review) - (My original post)
  5. Golden Compass (not a review) - (My original post)
  6. Stardust (not a review) - (My original post)
  7. THE SIMPSONSSSSS……MOVIEE - (My original post)
  8. HARRY POTHEAD - (My original post)
  9. AUTOBOTS! TRANSFORM! AND ROLLOUT! - (My original post)
And it's not the first time he's done this either. He's stolen posts from Hantu Bola, Lilyliverbird (who apparently sent her goons over and scared him into shutting down his blog) and god knows where else.

Does anyone know what to do with content-stealing scum like this?

And if he happens to delete the stolen posts before you get a chance to see it, here's a sample of what he stole.


UPDATE (18:08)
The cowardly scum has deleted his blog, apparently. Oh well, I'll change the links later to show the screen shots I took then....

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