Friday, 11 January 2008

A Broken Social Musical Mosaic Down South

Singapore's Mosaic Music Festival has been a pretty cool source of live concerts by international indie artistes in the past few years.

Two years back I caught a great performance by the Kings of Convenience, and last year I lamented that I had to miss José González and Nerina Pallot (after my friend Carina that both concerts were great). And the best part of the festival is that if you're too broke (or too cheap) to fork out money to watch the headliners, you can also go watch the free performances as well, and some of them actually ARE pretty good.

Anyway, this year's Mosaic will have Canadian indie supergroup Broken Social Scene, Icelandic band Múm, The Bird & The Bee, and Fujiya & Miyagi (They also have Harry Connick Jr. headlining the festival as well, but Harry's not exactly my cuppa coffee).

I'm sorely tempted to go watch at least one of these few acts, and I'm leaning mostly towards watching Broken Social Scene on March 9. though I wish Feist would be here with them as well, I think it should still be worth going for.

Anyone else planning to go for it?

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