Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Datin, Pramugari dan Menteri... and other Potential Malaysian Bestsellers in 2008

After reading on Sharon Bakar's blog about THIS LIST of potential bestsellers you WON'T be seeing in bookstores anytime soon, I decided to come up with a Malaysian list of books you may not (or may, you never know) see in bookstores anytime soon.

Presenting the list of....

Potential Malaysian Bestsellers in 2008:

Datin, Pramugari dan Menteri...
An anthology of the best Malaysian sex videos ever made, with minute-by-minute descriptions of the action, reviews from professional porn DVD sellers, and interviews with the stars (excerpt: "IT'S ME"). Includes a handy guide on how to ask for said videos when shopping at your local DVD pirates.

Elections and Erections
The bestselling biography from the nation's latest porn star. Find out first hand why he decided to give up being a politician for some fornication; and his shocking plan to run in the coming elections using his 'movie' as campaign material.

Zombie Kampung Pisang: The Illustrated Children's Pop-Up Book
Hot on the heels of the (not so) best-selling children's book based on Puteri Gunung Ledang comes this illustrated pop-up book of one of last year's hit local movies. Relive the horror of the movie with your kids, and be entertained by the numerous pop-up pictures of bananas, amusing zombies, and scary pictures of Awie!

Malaysian cartoonist extraordinaire Datuk Lat attempts his first super-hero comicbook about a kampung boy who eats a goreng pisang infected by a mutated fly and gains the powers of a fly. Be amazed as he goes to smelly public toilets without blinking an eye, and lands on the straws of evil villains in kopitiams!

The Harmony Sidek Factory
A fictitious story of how the Sidek family became the nation's number one badminton family. Set in pre-Merdeka Malaya, and it is a strange yet predictable yarn involving a love triangle, communists, and a shuttlecock-making factory. (Warning: may be overly exoticised to cater for Western readers who don't know what badminton is).

Samy Vellu Says The Darndest Things...
Under pressure to come up with a quick-fire sequel to his bestselling 'Malaysian Politicians Say The Darndest Things', Amir Muhammad takes the easy way out and focuses on just ONE politician instead...

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