Monday, 28 January 2008

Explosions In The Sky Better Be A Blast

Explosions in the Sky.
No singing.
All cinematic.

I've been playing almost their entire catalogue of songs for the past few hours, and frankly, I'm finding it harder and harder NOT to rush out and go buy a ticket for their KL show on 19 Feb.

Now, I don't usually listen to instrumental music because to me, a song is only a complete package when there are lyrics to go with the music as well. But a few hours of listening to nothing BUT Explosions in The Sky has changed my mind somewhat. Somehow, it turned out to be much, much more than just random guitar riffs and other instruments jamming.

It's hard to explain how the music is like in words, because unlike the usual songs I listen to, there are no lyrics to help me put to words the emotions I get when listening to the music. All I can say is, they may not sing, but they sure can make great music.

Also, judging from the grandoise atmospheres of their songs, I reckon they'll be one heck of a band to watch live. It'll be interesting to actually go to a concert where there is no singing involved though. But since I missed Mogwai in Singapore last year, no way in hell am I going to miss one of the most critically-acclaimed indie bands live in concert here in KL.

They may not be cheap (at RM130 a ticket, it's almost as expensive as Muse and My Chemical Romance, fer gawds sake. Not cheap for an indie show...), and they may not be everyone's cup of musical tea. But heck, I've missed so many shows already (bloody forgot about Club 8 and Pelle Carlberg last week), I thinkI'm just gonna sod it for a lark and get the bloody tickets.

But for RM130, it better be a bloody blast, I tell ya.

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