Friday, 18 January 2008

The Funniest Reality TV Show Ever: American Idol Auditions!

OK, I lied. The Amazing Race is not the only reality show I watch. I also happen to think that American Idol is the funniest reality show ever made.

But only the auditions bits. The proper talent show bit, I can live without.

I've watched bits and pieces of the audition rounds of almost every season of American Idol so far, and I have to admit that it is one great piece of entertainment. I was watching when William Hung made his infamous debut for the first time, and I was also privy to the countless clueless Americans (and then some) who have no idea how bad they sound or how stupidly delusional they make themselves look.

Heck, even the two Malaysian editions had auditions that were hilarious (that Air Guitar Mat Rock was hilarious, and so was that 'dude' with a feather boa who claimed he was singing You Raised Me Up 'just like the CD'). And who can forget (no really, once you see it, you'll never forget it even with hypnosis or by trying to induce amnesia on yourself by banging your head on a wall repeatedly) that bloody yellow-underwear-wearing so-called 'Handsomest Man in Singapore' Steven Lim's audition? Don't know that one? Go YouTube it. BLUEK!

Yes yes, so I like laughing at people making a fool out of themselves. So sue me.

Of course, once the audition rounds and all those fresh-faced Idol-wannabes start on their so-called 'journey' to be a star, that's where I tune off, because frankly speaking, unless they have an American Indie Rock Idol show, I can't be arse to watch all those pop-star wannabes murder perfectly good songs with their 'interpretations'." All that sugary, starry-eyed 'It's my dream to be a star' talk makes me gag.

Yes, I'm also a cynical bastard. So sue me (again).

But at least for now, the audition rounds are still airing, so there's still lots of entertainment yet, especially since Randy and Simon are still as funny as ever. Paula is still annoying though. They should have bloody replaced her six seasons ago.


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