Monday, 14 January 2008

Going Postal on Pos Malaysia Over Damaged Posters

Am really hatink ze Pos Malaysia now. I just got back from the Post office after spending almost the entire morning lodging a complaint and I'm bloody PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW.

You see, I ordered two awesome the Dark Knight posters online from Popcornpop recently, and the package was SUPPOSED to arrive last Friday. Only it didn't.

Apparently, while delivering the rather LOOOOONG package on his MOTORBIKE in the POURING RAIN, the postmen accidentally DROPPED the package along the road, and it got RUN OVER by a car or something.

As a result, by the time he got it back to me ONE DAY LATER, the package was already all soggy and kemek-ed. While the poster was quite nice and dry thanks to the solid packaging job that Popcornpop did, unfortunately, there were creases all over the poster where some vehicle had run over it, so the posters were pretty much F**KED, so to speak.

That meant that I had to drag my ass all the way to the Post Office HQ to lodge a complaint, which was a headache in itself thanks to the location of the bloody place in the MIDDLE of the most goddamn jam area in KL, AND the place with one of the messiest car parks in KL.

After kicking up a fuss at the Customer Service department, they told me to go take pictures of the 'damaged' goods (they CLAIM that it wasn't 'damaged' because the posters were not torn, but I told them 'look, I paid almost RM200 for these posters and if I don't get them in perfect condition because of YOUR postman's mistake you'd bloody well better COMPENSATE ME for them, thank you), but after kicking up SOME MORE fuss, they decided to take the pictures themselves and do the complaint for me on the spot, instead of me having to GO HOME and take MY OWN PICTURES of the damaed goods AND hauling my ass BACK to the post office to write the damn complaint again.

And after all that, I STILL don't know if I'll be compensated for my damaged posters. GRRRRR...

Lesson of the day? Use DHL.

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