Saturday, 26 January 2008

Maria, Maria, Quite Australia

I considered posting this in my really really defunct Sports Blog, but I decided not to because after going through it again just now, I really shouldn't subject anyone to that hideous green background anymore. hehe.

Anyway, I usually only update Eye on Sports when Maria Sharapova wins a Grand Slam, and since she just won the Australian Open, I figured I'll carry on the tradition, but over here instead...

Hey, it's sports, but I watched it on TV, so it counts as a TV post too! ahaha.

I haven't seen Sharapova so clinical in a Grand Slam before, not even during the Wimbledon that she won. She already has the skills, but this time around she's added so much more power in her game as well, so she just blew EVERYONE away in the entire tournament. I guess the thrashing she got in last year's final really got to her, eh?

Anyway, since you're undoubtedly here not to read my ramblings, here are some gratuitious photos of Maria in all her winning glory (sorry, not much cleavage this time...)

(Pictures taken from ESPN and

Ok, so the pictures aren't as gratuitious as I'd like them to be. Maybe later, eh? The match's only just ended about an hour ago...

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