Sunday, 6 January 2008

Old Boy Clinches It With Rest House Synopsis

I already had one book in hand, and I was looking for another book with one of those "20% off with another purchase" blue stickers so I could get BOTH books at 20% off.

Then I saw this book, faced out on one of the Asian Literature shelves:

I'd heard of Kam Raslan's book before, but never actually thought of reading it, let alone buying it. And I wasn't gonna buy it then, because it didn't have a blue sticker on the cover.

But out of curiosity, I picked it up and read the synopsis.

Dato' Hamid—The Old Boy and civil servant who's been everywhere and seen it all (even though he never wanted to). Here he 'spills the beans' on his adventures dating back to the 1940s, from Kuala Lumpur to Monte Carlo, Los Angeles to Algiers, London to Temerloh Rest House and much more. Along the way...

And that was it. I didn't even finish reading the synopiss, and decided to get the book anyway, blue sticker or no blue sticker.

The clincher? The words "Temerloh Rest House" which was one of the landmarks in the little town I lived in, and had the best pork and chicken chops I'd ever tasted when I was a kid.

Here's to some nostalgic moments in the book, eh Kam?

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