Monday, 14 January 2008

Olga Goes From Hitman to Bond girl

Ah yes, James Bond. While most people argue over who is the best ever Bond, whether Daniel Craig will ever live up to the name; or complain about there not being enough gadgets in the last film, I prefer to focus on the more er... aesthetically pleasing... er... assets... in the films, namely, the Bond girls.

The girls in the upcoming Bond flick (currently only known as Bond 22) have a lot to live up to (in my books, that is), especially since Casino Royale's girl (Eva Green, not the (also hot) latino chick who died a few hours after Bond shagged her) was one of my favorite ever (That scene where she walks into the casino with THAT purple dress has GOT to be one of the hottest Bond Girl entrances in the entire franchise).

They've announced the two girls already, and the first one is Brit chick Gemma Arterton.

Yeah, me neither.

I tried looking around for more information about Gemma (or rather, pictures, since I couldn't care less about where she's been, it's more important to know what she looks like in lingerie) and her pictures aren't exactly all over the net (those that are feature her in some hideous bowl shaped hair, which I'd rather not see her sporting in Bond 22).

This here is the only decent picture I've found (so far):

Not too bad, actually. Gemma may not be be a very recognisable name, but she looks good enough to be a Bond girl, I reckon. Heck, at least it ain't another Grace Jones, huh?

Anyway, the other Bond Girl that's been announced is a familiar name though: Olga Kurylenko.

Olga who? Olga of Hitman; of the pierced tongue and tattooed face in a red top that is whipped off while straddling the Hitman himself, and that same Olga who then walks around topless in the apartment with nary a whiff of self-consciousness.

Yes, THAT Olga.

to be fair, if the only image you have of Olga is that of her topless, and if you're also wondering if she is going to spend most of Bond 22 in a similarly naked manner, then let me just assure you that she doesn't just have a pretty good-looking body (that admittedly she likes to show off a lot), but actually CAN look pretty cute and sweet, demure in fact, as shown in the following pictures:

That's when she's got her clothes on, of course. When the clothes are off, it's a different matter.

Now THAT's more like it.

And since she DOES have a reputation of taking her top off in movies (hey, so did Eva Green!), it's probably good bet that we'll get to see a fair bit of (her) skin in the movie as well...

So, when's Bond 22 opening again?

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