Thursday, 31 January 2008

Random Links To Stuff I Wanna Blog About But Have No Time to Do So

I'm busy.... So here's a random bunch of stuff and links in point form so I won't forget to blog about it later.

1) Guilermo Del Toro in talks to direct The Hobbit. Which is awesome news. Because like, he's the only other director (besides PEter JAckson) I'd love to have directing ANY fantasy film, let alone The Hobbit.

2) Jolene is having a petition to protest dangerous buses on our roads. Go support it yo.

3) Money-minded dumbasses over at Paramount planning the most pointless sequel since The Whole Ten Yards: another Cloverfield movie. Start buying stocks in barf bags, y'all.

4) Explosions In The Sky tickets to drop only tomorrow at Rock Corner. Don't buy them all before I get there, ok?

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