Friday, 4 January 2008

Questions That Need Answering

1) Who knows a good (and reasonably priced) place where I can get frames for my movie posters (preferably the snap-on type like these so I can change the posters anytime I want?)

2) On the same note, does anyone know any place I can buy (or make) a cabinet to keep my posters?

3) Does anyone know any local indie music blogs or anywhere to get good local music online (without resorting the usual peer-to-peer sites or torrent)?

4) How the hell do I include the 'Older Posts' thingy at the bottom of my blog so that readers can actually read the older posts without resorting to searching for it through the sidebar links?

5) Can anyone tell me what the hell to do with my old issues of FHM Malaysia (which date back all the way to the first ever issue), short of giving it to the old-newspaper dude?

6) Speaking of recycling, does anyone know what I can do with all those used CDs and batteries I have hoarded in that drawer in my house?

7) Let's say I want to buy an espresso machine. What kind should I be looking out for, and where can I get a reasonably priced one (READ: less than RM1000)?

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