Thursday, 24 January 2008

Time Flies When You're TV Serial Killing

I've been wallowing at home for the past two days thanks to a combination of a really really bad cold and sore throat one the first day and Thaipusam yesterday, and managed to catch up on most of the TV shows I'd been too lazy/fidgety/jaded to watch lately.

Which mean that within these two days, I've managed to finish all nine episodes of Bones' season 3, the final three episodes of Heroes Season 2 (I'd been putting off watching this for AGES despite already having it in my laptop ever since it came out a few months back... more on why later...) and eight out of the twelve episodes of Dexter Season 2.

And after 20 episodes of TV shows, each of which are about 48 minutes long, that means I'd spent a total of 16 hours doing nothing but stare at the TV screen.

Not a bad way to spend the break from work, I must say.

Anyway, since I absolutely HAVE to say something about the shows I just watched, here's a special 3-in-1 TV-Not-Review for each of the three shows...


Season 3.
Not a review.
This season not as fun as the last two leh.
Brennen a bit too serious this time.
The cases a bit weird too.
And creepy.
And the bodies are more gruesome.

Loved the Wonder Woman outfit though.
And Cam's Catwoman costume.
Hubba hubba.
Damn writer's strike.
Leaving everything in the balance.

Season 2.
Not a review.
I reckon Heroes has jumped the shark.
Put off watching the last three episodes for AGES.
Because I knew it ends at 11 episodes.
And I just KNEW that the ending would suck because of that.
And it did.
No spoilers here.
Let's just say it could have been so much better.
Though it's still not as good as the first season.
And can somebody knock some sense into Peter,
And get him to start THINKING for once,
Instead of always being someone's mindless tool.
Remind me to ask Milo that in case I meet him later.
Heh heh.

Season 2.
Not a review.
No really, it's not a review.
Because I only watched 8 episodes.
Still got four more.
But it is awesome.
More awesome than Bones and Heroes rolled into one
(which would make for a damn weird show)

I love that British chick.
She's hot.
Something about that accent just gets me.
And the fact that she takes her top off a lot helps too.
Hur hur.
Yeah, we're never gonna get this on Astro.
So much bare flesh.
So much topless shots.
It's practically a soft porn flick!
But who's complaining?
Dexter is awesome!
Even better than season one!
And it's not just because there's more boobs here!
Go watch it!

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