Tuesday, 29 January 2008

What's YOUR favorite LEGO Childhood Memory?

Wow, I can't believe the LEGO brick is 50 years old! It feels like just yesterday that I was playing with LEGO, building buildings to pose my little Minimates and... oh wait, that WAS yesterday. Hehe.

LEGO is such an integral part of my life that even till today, I'm still buying them when I can (those things aren't cheap, ok?). Heck, they're the one toy I know is worth keeping around because it is so timeless, EVERYONE loves LEGO, and can last for a damn long time, so even my kids can play with them one day (yeah, they ain't touching my Transformers, but they can have the LEGO).

Anyway, I ain't gonna bore you with the whole history of LEGO here (you can read about it HERE if you so wish), but rather, I'll tell you some of my favorite childhood memories that have to do with LEGO:

Memory #1:
Sitting on the floor with all my LEGO strewn all around me, and happily crawling through the entire pile looking for the one piece that fits and will not fall off.

Memory #2:
Using my teeth to take apart two bricks that were stuck on so tight they can't be taken apart with bare hands.

Memory #3:
My dad screaming at me after he'd stepped on one of my LEGOS.

Memory #4:
My dad didn't need to spank or scold me whenever I did something naughty. He'd just threaten to confiscate my LEGOs and I'd be bawling my eyes out.

Memory #5
Me fixing the bricks together to make my own Transformers. My parents wouldn't buy me the more expensive Transformers you see, so I had to make them out of LEGO instead. You should've seen my Optimus Prime - he was rainbow coloured, had a pot-belly, and could only be transformed by taking him apart and putting him back together again with the same pieces in the general shape of a truck.

Memory #6
My parents buying me a little LEGO spaceship when I was stuck in the hospital with a really bad case of measles when I was little. I think that cheered me up more than the actuall getting-well bit...

Memory #7
My dad making little wire stands for me to display my LEGO spaceships on so that they looked like they were flying. That's probably what sparked my obsession with displaying my action figures in more 'dynamic' poses rather than just standing like milk bottles...

Memory #8
I remember I got REALLY REALLY upset once when one of my friends lost one of my favorite LEGO-men, the one I always used as 'Spike' Witwicky whenever I was playing LEGO Transformers...

Will add more when I think of more.

So, what's YOUR favorite childhood LEGO memory? Aww come on now, be sporting, I'm sure almost EVERYONE has a favorite LEGO childhood memory! Let's hear 'em!

PS: Maybe tomorrow I'll have a post on the LEGO I have NOW, with pictures...

PSS: Got the idea for this post from Fireangel, who loves LEGO too! Check out the comment on her post left by Paul Tan. Now THAT'S what I call a great LEGO moment! :D

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