Sunday, 17 February 2008

Amazing Race Confirms Study: Jocks Don't Do Flags. Malaysian Accents Rule.

So the sisters didn't win, but hey, at least those bloody jocks didn't win. I'm gonna miss tuning in each week just to see what sort of funny stuff the two sisters could come up with. And sorry, Rovilson, the two girls were way more entertaining and funny just by being themselves than all your smartass 'jokes' put together.

This season of the Race may not have been as exciting as the last (there was really no real competition throughout the race, up till the last stop), and there WERE one too many model couples in it; but the sisters really made up for it with their Malaysian accents, the way they talk to each other, and all that silly shit they seem to get into all the time. Speaking of shit, picking up all that Elephant poo with their hands definitely scored them even more points in MY book, especially since it made the pretty boys seem more like sissy boys instead.

Damn, I wish I'd ask for the assignment to interview them, just so I can tell them how much fun I had watching them in the race.

Anyway, it's really ironic that the jocks would fall at the very last task - matching the flags to the countries they've been to. I had a flashback to the hippie season of the American Amazing Race, where the Hippies beat the dumb jocks to the finish line by finishing the exact same task first...

Too bad Vanessa couldn't get the flags fast enough though, but congratulations to Adrian who was BRILLIANT with the task. And I'm also happy that the sisters managed to beat the dumb annoying jocks.

Yay You two! You beat the Boys!! WHOO!!

Anyway, Here's to Vanessa and Pamela, runners up in The Amazing Race Asia season 2, and my second favorite team of all time in the Amazing Race!

And because I have nothing better to do, here are my top five Favorite Vanessa and Pam moments throughout the season:

1) Going through the haunted house in New Zealand and saying 'Eeeyer, not scary also wan', when all the other girl teams had screamed and shriek throughout the house.
2) The HUGE arguement they got into after Vanessa took a wrong turn in Korea. "I TOLD YOU I'M A STUPID PERSON RIGHT????"
3) Vanessa's loss of memory after jumping down the 10m platform into a swimming pool, and both of them crying at the roadside because of it.
4) Screaming "ARGGGGH!" at the hourglass at the sand dunes in South Africa.
5) Their expressions when they found out that they'd finished third in Korea, even after all that wrong turn hoohaa.

PS: I'm in the process of editing my video for the next season's race... keep yer fingers crossed, yer all! :D :D :D

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