Friday, 22 February 2008

Edison Has Quit. Can You People Get On With Your Lives Now?

Edison Chen apologises over sex photos

Actor and singer Edison Chen has apologised and promised to suspend his career in the aftermath of a sex photo scandal which has gripped China. - BBC Online

Can you believe this is the first time I've actually mentioned the whole Edison Chen scandal on this blog? Yeah, that's how much I thought about that so-called 'HOT TOPIC'.

Ya know, I actually feel sorry for Edison. I like him. Heck, I've actually met and interviewed him three times before, and he is actually a pretty decent dude - chatty, freindly, laid-back and quite articulate as well. Sure, he may come across as a little over-confident and too sure of himself sometimes, but then again, most celebrities I've met are that way anyway.

You see, Edison Chen did nothing wrong, IMHO. The only thing he was guilty of is having a healthy sex drive, and an unfortunate habit of keeping 'souvenirs' of his liasons with pretty girls. Heck, I'm sure it's quite a common er.. activity all over the world anyway.

"These photos were very private and have not been shown to people and were never intended to be shown to anyone," Edison said earlier today.

Look, it's not as if he took those pictures and then went around distributing them, or blackmailing the girls or somethign like that. He took those pictures so that in case he gets horny, he can jerk off to them once in a while.

So what, Hong Kong celebrities are not allowed to have sex? They're not allowed to have healthy sex lives?

This whole Edison Chen scandal thingy just underlines why I REALLY REALLLY HATE the Chinese entertainment industry. No, scratch that, I don't hate the INDUSTRY, I hater the bloody leeches, vampires who call themselves 'entertainment journalists' and are nothing more than scumbags who thrive on scandals and gossip.

So yeah, I feel sorry for Edison (and the girls of course). They are victims of a media and public so hungry to see celebrities fall (and fall HARD) that they would ignore the fact that celebrities, like us all, are people as well.

"I have failed as a role model. However, I wish that this matter will teach everyone a lesson," he added.

No dude, the only thing you've failed at is keeping your sexual activites a secret. And you did good, coming back to Hong Kong and admitting your 'mistakes' and apologising to the families of the girls. THAT makes you a bigger man than anyone else involved in this shitty scandal.

As for the Hong Kong entertainment industry, screw them, dude. There's always Hollywood. Look what having a sex scandal did for a wannabe like Paris Hilton, eh?

PS: Those of you who came here hoping for THOSE pictures... FUCK THE HELL OFF.

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