Monday, 4 February 2008

ET Meets Stephen in CJ7

Not a review
Is this really a Stephen Chow movie?
I miss the old Chow
who did Justice My Foot
and Fight Back To School
those were damn funny
This one also funny
but not AS funny
Like Not really a comedy.
Its a comedy but more drama
more emo too
its an emomedy

The kid is good actress
yeah Stephen Chow's son is a girl
that Kitty Chang quite hot also
no cleavage shown,
but got good Cheongsam Rating.
Reminds me of Tarcy Su.
Alien also damn cute
A plush toy of it would be nice

But not enough Chow lar
not as funny as kungfu hustle
I want the old Chow back dammit
This Chow makes proper movies,
Good movies,
But I still like the old Chow.
Gotta go now
will add more later
damn hard blogging from iPod touch

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