Wednesday, 20 February 2008

An Explosion of Orgasmic Musical Emotions

Explosions In The Sky ruled the night,
They played their heart and soul out,
Until they had nothing left for an encore.
What was it like, you ask?
Well, imagine, if you will, a wall of sound, of music.
No vocals,
No talking,
No interludes.
Just three guitars, and a set of drums,
And a crescendo of music that starts off small...
As quiet as electric guitars can be.
And slowly, slowly, the sound rises...
And rises...
And rises...
Teasing you,
Cajoling you,
Making you wild with anticipation,
And just as it almost reaches its peak,
It dips down again.
Leaving you grasping at the top...
And gasping for release.
And then it all starts again,
With the music building up again...
Slowly... slowly... slowly...
Until finally, it reaches the top of the arc,
And then it just EXPLODES into soundwaves of ecstasy,
Spiralling into an orgasm of synchronised guitars,
Taking you to an emotional peak,
Sending you wild with delirium,
Making you headbang with wild abandon,
And finally when the final note is played,
Leaves you panting and screaming for more.
With music as poetic, emotional and explosive as this,
Who needs to sing?

PS: Pictures? Go to Reta's blog, or visit Chris.

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