Thursday, 28 February 2008

Four Years of Tagged Memories Gone Missing

Came in to work today, and my cubicle wall looked strangely empty. It took a while for it to register, then I realised that my ENTIRE collection of press/media passes which I had left hanging on the corner of the cubicle had gone missing.

That's about FOUR YEARS worth of media passes, all 40-50 of them, collected from cool events like movie premieres, junkets, concerts, parties and other events ok? Lots of sentimental value there!

There was the one I got from the Transformers and Spider-man junkets I went to, the one from the Grammys I got recently, and also a couple that were autographed by Jay Chou, Jacky Cheung and Stephen Chow, for gawds sake.

Funny thing is, anyone who's seen my desk at work will know that there are WAY more things that are worth stealing than that dusty pile of media tags. Which makes the whole thing so bizarre. Why would anyone want to steal a bunch of media passes, most of it with MY NAME ON IT, and not take any of the more valuable things I have on my desk? So bizarre. Maybe the thief wants to start a second hand lanyard business.

Sigh... four years plus worth of memories, gone missing. Gah. And I really liked that Grammys tag...

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