Friday, 29 February 2008

From Darth Tater to Indiana Spud: Introducing Eyeris' Tater Family!

A varm velcome to all of you, especially if you managed to find yourself here after clicking on the links to this post that was posted on Pinkpau or Timothy's blogs (thanks for the plug, guys!).

Anyway, let me introduce you to the Tater family who were the stars of that particular Chipster post they linked to...

First up, Darth Tater, the most evil potatohead in the Potato Patch!

You've also met his evil minion, the Spudtrooper and his Tater Zapper!

Not forgetting of course, the horrendously out-of-shape superhero (though he DOES have a good figure... for a potato) Spider-Spud!

And the star/hero of the post.... OPTIMASH PRIME (who has also starred in several other 'shows' here on the blog, which you can read about HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE).

Yes, he's a real star, that Optimash.

Oh, and not forgetting the ONE Tater I have that I've yet to feature in the blog... ARTOO-POTATOO!!!

For now, Artoo is still stuck in his box, but if I think of a post where an potatohead droid might come in handy, he might just make his debut yet...

That's all the taters I have for now. and Yes, I have all these taters, but I don't have the ORIGINAL Mr. Potatohead. Yet.

And soon, I'm gonna be getting me grubby hands on THIS cool fella...

It's Indiana Spud and the Taters of the Lost Ark! And look, he even comes with his very own little Golden Potato Idol! Woohoo!

I have GOT to get me one of those...

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