Friday, 1 February 2008

iTouch, Therefore iLove

Forget what I said previously about the iPod Touch, about not wanting all that video video touch touch feel feel stuff.

Karma repaid me for all those years of not winning anything significant in a lucky draw (besides an electric toothbrush), and a brand new iPod Touch landed in my greedy little hands last night.

And I ended up playing with it until almost 3am last night. And I still can't stop fiddling with it.

So far I've checked my blog with it, watched an episode of Transformers Animated, keyed in my contacts, updated the diary... and all the while listening to music as I was doing all that (except when watching the video, of course).

OMG how the hell did I manage to survive on a featureless, screen-less teeny iPod shuffle for so long????

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