Wednesday, 5 March 2008

I Will Vote For The Candidate Who...

Of course I'm gonna vote. But who am I gonna vote? Well, here's how I'm gonna decide.

I will vote for the candidate who...
  1. ...uses the LEAST amount of plastics or non-environmental friendly items in his campaign material.
  2. ... can make sure he will RECYCLE all the bloody plastic items that he uses in his campaign.
  3. ... drinks water out of his own proper water-bottle and not a disposable bottle of mineral water.
  4. ... leaves behind the least amount of garbage after their ceramahs.
  5. ... does not need a police escort to get to the polling station.
  6. ... drives the smallest car or has the least number of cars in his entourage.
  7. ... does not smoke.
  8. ... can go through an entire ceramah without mentioning the words 'Malay' 'Chinese' or 'Indian'.
  9. ... can ensure that I can vote in an entirely SMOKER-FREE poll center on the day.
  10. ... has the most supporters who don't annoy me
Will add more when I think of more.

Impossible conditions? Well, when all the choices given to you suck, what else is there to do but to come up with your own justifications for voting, eh?

After all, if I'm going to vote, why not vote for someone who stands for something I truly believe in, instead of voting for a particular party or candidate just because someone told me that I need to do so if I want things to change?




For THE BEST election commentary EVAR on the Malaysian blogosphere.

Both Vincent and I agree that DaftOi's little earthworms would kick a certain prominent blogger/candidate's little birds' asses ANYTIME.

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