Monday, 24 March 2008

Music From Three Women and a Lesbian

Four women, four pretty decent albums. I should take a break from listening to obscure indie bands more often.

first up, Duffy and Adele..... They're two of the 'New Amys' that have been hyped up recently, but frankly, I think Adele and Duffy are a lot more listenable than the actual Amy herself.

In fact, I actually prefer Duffy to Winehouse, who tends to be a little TOO sneering on her songs sometimes. But, take a listen to Duffy's Mercy and you can see (or rather, hear) why people compare her to Amy sometimes.

As for Adele, I think her music is a lot more chill-out than Duffy or Amy's. My personal favorites? Chasing Pavements and Hometown Glory. the rest of the album's not bad to, just like Duffy.

Let's move on from the New Amys to an old lesbian, shall we? KD Lang's got a new album too, Watershed, and it's her first original one in eight years. To tell the truth, it actually sounds more folksy than country but that's just me. I'm no expert though, since I haven't heard a single KD Lang song before this, but after a few listens, there ARE a few songs on Watershed that I kinda sorta maybe like. I think.

And finally, there's Goldfrapp. The Seventh Tree is the first and only album of 2008 that I've actually had on loop more often than In Rainbows (and that's no mean feat ok?), and I've also listened to A&E more often than I've listened to any other song this year. It's no dance album, this, but it's perfect pop, and it's got the perfect and most gorgeous pop song of the year so far... what's not to like eh?

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