Monday, 17 March 2008

Optimash Prime Goes To The Nuffnang Pajama Party!


Yes, Optimash Prime was at the Nuffnang Pajama Party on Saturday night, and all he got was some stupid fake money.

Whereas his owner eyeris got to drink free beer...

(pictures taken from Kidchan unless stated otherwise)

...And more free beer...

(picture 'borrowed' from Revel In Me, aka the girl in the hot pink nightie) free food, and mingle with popurar bloggers like Fireangel....

....and meet cute chicks like this loofah girl with a Spongebob Squarepants. haha

(picture borrowed from ilikeloofahs... thanks!)

He had such good time that he completely forgot about me and left me in his bag until halfway through the party, and even then he only took me out so he can show off to the pretty loofah girl! HMPH!!! Samore he purposely put my legs on backwards samore! Double HMPH!!! GRRRRR.

(picture borrowed from ilikeloofahs again!)

But never mind, once I was out, I turned out to be more popular than eyeris, because that silly fellow kononnya wanna remain anonymous so he wear that stupid helmet around all the time. So of course I was more handsome lar! MUAHAHAHA!

See, he has to resort to pretending to be ultraman so he can be the centre of the attention!

Never mind, later I also got to camwhore with the bloggers, and even got a kiss!

(picture 'borrowed' from Revel In Me, aka the girl in the hot pink nightie)

Optimash Prime is a hit with the chicks! (look how 'diketepikan' eyeris is in this picture down here. haha!)...

...and Optimash also nearly asked this pretty teddy bear out for more drinks:

(Picture taken from povege, aka the girl with the cute teddy)

Whereas eyeris had to be content with drinking his own beer. Yes, Optimash Prime PWNS eyeris! MUAHAHA!

And that's all from me! If anyone else has any pictures of me (and that silly fella in an Optimus Prime helmet), please send to me also kthxbai!!!

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