Saturday, 1 March 2008

Read Neil Gaiman's American Gods Online for FREE!

This just in.

You can now read Neil Gaiman's AMERICAN GODS for FREE! Yes, FREE! GRATIS! PERCUMA! And it's all perfectly legal and officially endorsed by Gaiman himself!

Why is this possible? Well, apparently Gaiman decided to give away the book for free to celebrate his blog's 7th birthday. So he allowed readers of the blog to choose which book we wanted to him to post up for free.

For the record, I chose M for Mirrors because its the only one I have yet to read, haha. I doubt that was even one of the top three most popular choices though.

Anyway, American Gods was the lucky novel chosen (though it's a book that Gaiman himself wouldn't have chosen it, apparently); and so, for those of you too cheap to go buy the book yourself, you can now read it online for free, by clicking HERE or on the book cover below:

Enjoy! And tell your friends to go read it too!


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