Monday, 24 March 2008

Snake Eyes and Darth Maul Redeem Park's Ugly Mug

This is Ray Park.

Don't know who he is? How about this picture then?

Yes, he's a toad, he's ugly as hell, and he has a damn long tongue as well. I bet that really gets him the chicks, eh?

Well, say what you want of Mr Park (sounds Korean, eh?), but he is one hell of an ass kicker. Especially when you can't see how ugly he really is.

Case in point, he was also THIS badass dude:

Still the most badass Sith Lord EVAR, and the one with the worse death scene EVAR.

And now, Park is ready to take on another cool cool role that doesn't require him to show his face. Introducing.... SNAKE EYES!

It won't hold a candle to the kickass-ness of Transformers, but with Ray Park as Snake Eyes, the G.I. Joe movie still gonna be worth watching, me thinks. Let's just hope he doesn't take off that damn mask...

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